I recently took one of Matt’s over 55 classes and as usual there was plenty of chatter between the crew and myself.

I asked one particular client whether they had been sporty when they were younger.

The reason was that the person was well coordinated and easy to teach, so you always assume that some kind of training went on which lead to this.

Some people naturally have great body awareness, but a lot of the time motor learning has been improved through years of playing a sport or some similar activity.

The response I got was, ‘no I wasn’t very sporty when I was younger. I’m quite small as you can see, so I was always last to be picked for teams. That bothered me, so eventually I started forgetting my gear or being sick for P.E. Then I suppose that whole experience put me off taking up a sport’.

You know when you’re talking to someone and you just KNOW that the person means what they’re saying?

You can see it in their face, you can hear it in their tone of voice.

Here we were discussing something that happened 50 years ago, that CLEARLY had an effect that lasted throughout their life.

Which is a HUGE pity, because this person is clearly talented at learning the movements required in the class.

There is enormous potential in everybody, but someone like that has a head start anyone would be glad of.

Life is difficult. People are different, and some take things to heart that others wouldn’t. When it comes to something like sport and activity people need ENCOURAGEMENT, because it has such an important bearing on how the rest of your life pans out.

While I don’t believe in the ‘everybody gets a medal for participating’ stuff that goes on, I do wholeheartedly believe that every child should be encouraged to partake in sport or exercise based activity.

Get them to try as many as possible, they’ll find something they love.

You’re not coordinated but you can run fast in a straight line. Ditch hurling and do athletics.

You’re not great dribbling a ball but you’re strong. Ditch football and hit the gym.

You don’t have a great throw but you’ve got an amazing leap. Ditch basketball and try volleyball.

In the same breath, it’s never too late to start.

Whether it’s your parent or someone you know, what’s not amazing about improving their quality of life, and potentially extending it?

Everybody is talented, whether you’re 6 or 60.

You just have to spend a bit of time searching for what exactly it is you’re good at…but most of all, everyone needs encouragement along the way.