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  • The pack contains 16 delicious high protein recipes (20+ gram serving per recipe) + 8 side and salad ideas + sweet/dessert recipes. (32 recipes total)   This is an eBook and not a physical product. On purchase you will be directed to the download link. You will also receive the link via email (check your junk mail).   Each recipe has a Myfitnesspal barcode for easy food logging. The barcode should work scanned from a screen, but it is recommended the recipe be printed and scanned.   You will receive some bonus recipes for purchasing this product, keep an eye on your inbox (and junk mail).
  • 6 week premium nutrition and training programme designed to get you fitter, stronger and leaner. SUITABLE FOR:
    • Home gym training
    • Gym goers unsure of what programme to follow + who want to know how to support their goals through proper nutrition
    WHAT YOU NEED: Access to gym equipment - dumbbells, kettlebells, bands. The programme is adjustable for those with or without access to a barbell. Cardio - For those without access to a piece of cardio equipment running is substituted in instead.


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