Alan was a member of the January 8 week small group run by Colin Dempsey PT and myself.

When we re-tested at the end of the block he had dropped 5.6 kilos, inches off his waist and his body fat dropped over 3%. His performance went UP and smashed the repeat of the test from week 1.

These courses run throughout the year at The Performance and Fitness Academy.

‘I have to hold my hand up and say I wasn’t overly confident at the start that this would work for me.

I had tried various methods for losing weight down the years and always ended up plateauing at same weight. So for that reason I expected the same thing to happen.

I played a lot of sport and my nutrition was way off because I’d cut down too much food thinking that was the key to weight loss.

Undoubtedly I would fall off the wagon purely out of frustration and fatigue that went with college, work and sport.

It would result in either the weight going back on or getting a stupid injury and the cycle would continue.

From the first morning Philly and Col laid out a plan in terms of nutrition that was so straightforward, it also proved how wrong I had been doing it for years. It’s something that I know I will follow going into the future because I breezed past the weight I had plateaued at for so many years by the end of the eight weeks. The sessions themselves were brilliant. The huge difference and benefits I took from them after playing GAA for years is that your able to train again for the next session. You’re not stiff and sore for days and days afterwards. That’s not saying they are not tough at times but it’s tailored in a way that you can get the most out of the 3 hours in the week.

I’ve seen huge improvements in my energy levels and mobility on top of everything else that I didn’t really expect at the start. Col and Phil were on hand to make changes on the spot to help you individually. In my case exercises to strengthen my hamstrings.

I honestly couldn’t recommend the lads enough and I’ll definitely be back to the academy when my football and hurling commitments finish.’

Thank you Alan! If you work hard, you get results, and Alan’s work ethic was second to none.

If  you’re interested in signing on to a small group get in touch today.