They say a picture paints a thousands words, but I didn’t realize how true that was until about 9 months ago.

I remember the exact photo, the exact time, and when I looked at it deciding to myself that I needed to do something……for myself. It wasn’t that I was particularly overweight, but working as a prison officer & doing shift work led to my weight gradually creeping up over the past 8 years.

Like most females I battled with my weight. I had been a member of another gym for years and was getting nowhere fast, I knew I needed a change.

To say I felt out of my depth though at the start in The Academy is an understatement, but everyone was so helpful and friendly. I decided to stick with it though & kept going. Yes I am stubborn!!

When the chance came up to enroll in one of Philly’s Nutrition talks I jumped at the chance. I feel that I have grown from strength to strength since that first evening. I now have a new love and understanding for food and training that I never knew I could have. The support that I have got in the Facebook group is probably more than I could have ever expected. I’m now able to work longer hours and the clinic I attend for Epilepsy said that this has all had a massive improvement on my overall health.

I have also made some lifelong friends. I think everyone in the Academy knows “Team Blonde” and the additions, and I will be forever grateful for meeting this group of people, as without them I wouldn’t have got these results.

I am so unbelievably grateful to Philly for his help, support & hard work……oh and the BUPPEES* (Yes inside joke) he dishes out in class.

(*I will never be let forget my spelling mistake that faithful evening!!! – Philly)