Anthony – long-time PT client and avid golfer. Rock solid consistency over a long period of time has resulted in some serious results on and off the golf course.

I am 20 yards longer on the course, or 2 full clubs. This means I’m hitting a wedge instead of an 8 iron.

I went in to improve my core after a big car accident and the improvements after almost 80 sessions for me is not at all what I was expecting.

My back is good now I can play winter golf again, and it’s thanks to the work I’ve been doing with Philly.

Thank you Anthony, let’s see if we can add more yards to that swing in the future!

***UPDATE*** December 2017

Amazing progress from Anthony who has been rock solid all year with his consistency. A big deadlift of 160kg (150 was the goal before year end), he has come a long way from the days of back pain.