I’m glad to have been able to help Cliona in some way, but this girl is just an absolute dream client.

She trains hard, sticks to the plan and inspires the rest of the nutrition group. She has earned every inch of the progress she has made, and trust me – there’s plenty more to come.

This is why I became a trainer. Cliona – thank you for being you.


I went to Philly’s nutrition talk last October, I had already lost some weight but I was really stuck in a rut. I needed professional guidance and support to help me reach my goals.

I found the talk really good, lots of information to help you understand what are the important things and why you need to know them. It really gave me the kick start I needed.

The plan can be tailored to anyone, no matter what stage you are at or where you want to get to it’s completely adjustable as you progress or your goals change. It’s not a fad diet!! The Facebook group is brilliant for accountability, ideas and inspiration. It definitely helps me stay focused when things are hard.

Philly has been a fantastic support, he’s always on hand to answer questions and give advice. He is extremely knowledgeable and is constantly updating his knowledge with the latest information.

I’m so happy I decided to sign up and I really feel like my goals are so achievable now.


Update **August 2017**

I’ve been working with Philly for 10 months, I’m currently doing my 3rd cutting phase and I’m down about 17kg. I’m really enjoying the process and Philly has done a great job of helping me balance the weight loss with still maintaining strength and energy for training.

Update **27/9/17**

It’s almost a year since I attended Philly’s nutrition talk, I had already lost some weight beforehand but I had been the same weight for the 12-18 months before while I was getting my head and ass into gear to actually progress to the next level, I got so caught up in my progress at the time that for a while I didn’t realise that I was still deeply unhappy with how I looked and really I just didn’t know if I had it in me to actually do what it took to loose anymore, I didn’t know exactly what was involved but I knew it was going to take a lot more dedication.

Eventually I decided I would give it a go, I attended the nutrition talk and I told myself I would commit 100% for the 28 days no matter what and I did and then I did another 28 and so on and here I am a year later, 20kg down and happier than I’ve ever been.

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for the support I’ve had from Philly and the all the group members, some of who have become #amazing friends now


The Facebook group has been a fantastic support, I really try to use it to make myself accountable.

I will definitely be continuing with this process in order to reach my goals.