I started training in TPFA in early August 2017 having returned from a holiday abroad and having promised family to get back into an exercise and diet routine once home. I had recently changed employment, and this coupled with a bucket of other excuses resulted in no ownership of actions regarding training / exercise and diet.

My mother cornered me and gave it to me straight regarding where I was going and now takes full credit for my hard work!

My first step was to enrol in The Performance and Fitness Academy and start getting active again. I felt an increase in energy levels and set myself a challenge of between 3 – 5 bootcamp classes weekly coupled with a recommended calorific intake to lose weight and tone up. My attendance at TPFA became like a drug whereby non-attendance felt worse than any stages of any workouts during any class.

From a diet and nutrition perspective, I attended the first nights 3 hour talk and went to the talk sceptical but left the talk fully engaged in the process and confident that this was for me.

The comradery was something I didn’t expect, and again reaffirmed that this joint programme was suited to me.

In my first 4 week cycle I had dropped nearly 5 Kg and was starting to notice the difference in my clothes.

The second 4 week cycle resulted in another drop of 2.5 Kg, followed by the third cycle of 4 weeks which resulted in a further drop of 3.5 Kg and after 3 months I had dropped 11 Kg.

My forth 4-week cycle resulted in another drop of 3.5 Kg and I am currently on week 2 of the fifth cycle with my weight stabilising approx. 15 Kg lighter than early Aug.

I recently had an annual medical and all results came back positive which reinforced the positive feeling I had about my efforts to date.

Would I recommend this programme to a friend or family member? Most definitely – but you do all the work with a really supporting network in place to keep you motivated and engaged.

At all times, the ball was in my court and that what I liked about it. From the first evening talk, I left knowing that I was the only one who could influence my state of wellness, but supported by TPFA and Philly.

Once you are committed to engaging in the process, I am fully confident that you will benefit, no different than me.