Having played several team sports growing up only to pack them all in once I started college, at the age of just 21 I found myself in very poor physical shape and with lots of bad nutritional habits.

Like most people of this age I turned online for help.

This led to me falling for several ‘fad’ diets, believing numerous diet myths and constantly searching for the ‘perfect’ diet and the ‘perfect’ exercise to achieve my goal (which like many in their 20’s was purely related to achieving a particular look and body composition).

Looking back, the only positives from this time were that I happened to stumble upon my interest in strength and conditioning training as well as in nutrition. These interests ultimately led me to my first encounter with Philly Kinsella when I moved back home to Newbridge.

My initial experience with Philly was of him coaching several of the gym classes I attended. Based on this positive experience I then signed up with Philly for some small group personal training and nutritional support. This experience was where I really began to see how Philly differentiates himself versus many in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Philly’s knowledge of nutrition and his ability to apply this to people’s everyday life, as well as his ability to communicate detailed information to the everyday 9am – 5pm office worker, parent etc. are second to none. I personally believe this ability comes from Philly’s own unique path into the industry via a traditional office job. This knowledge has allowed me to ‘un-learn’ some of the poor nutrition information I had picked up over the years.

Working with Philly has totally changed the way I view nutrition. Nutrition is no longer solely a means to achieve a desired look or body composition. I now also have an appreciation for how nutrition and exercise play a vital role in overall health and my own personal longevity. Importantly working with Philly, I didn’t just learn the “how”, the “what” and “why” also became much clearer.

This is in stark contrast to my previous attempts where I, like many people, follow a six- or twelve-week plan or abide by strict rules, points, syns etc. These quick fix approaches are totally unsustainable in the long term and destined for failure. Philly has made it key to me the importance of developing good habits that have since become second nature.

However, it hasn’t just been about the information that Philly has given me. One of the main benefits of working with Philly is that I am now well equipped to objectively analyse and evaluate any nutritional information I come across in order to form my own judgement. I have found this to be particularly important in the context of the today’s society where social media ‘influencers’, paid product placement and anyone with an opinion is given a platform to speak on subjects on which they are not qualified to do so.

Collectively, my new found nutritional knowledge and skills has given me the confidence to be able to work independently towards any goals I set for myself be it improving training performance (I have since competed in several fitness competitions), maintaining my bodyweight, focusing on my long-term health, fat loss etc. However, due to the quality of his service and the fact that Philly continuously improves upon his nutritional knowledge through additional education I have found myself returning again and again over the past few years when I have needed some additional accountability and support to achieve a certain goal.

Working with Philly was a decision I have never regretted. It has proven to be one of the best investments in myself that I will likely ever make, both physically and mentally.

I originally signed up to work closely with Philly hoping to lose some body weight….

I achieved this primary goal but I also left with much more than just a smaller number on the scale. For this I will be forever grateful.