This is probably the best 8 week gym and nutrition course around, with excellent support from two of the most helpful and informative coaches I know (Colin Dempsey and Philly Kinsella ) in one of the best and most homely gyms around.

The people here are genuine and what you see is what you get, everyone there will encourage you and push you on, no mirror gods looking at them selves.  The people and coaches here encourage ,support and drive you on.

I went into this program reluctantly with my partner Mary. I was hitting 106kg and seriously out of shape. I remember going over to the Performance and Fitness Academy  for a nutrition talk on a wet Saturday morning and meeting Colin and Philly and my then to be team members for the first time, I was thinking to myself here we go another load of bull.

The last thing I needed was to be listing to someone telling me the way I would have to eat and count calories this really did not sit well with me. This seemed like a lot  of work not to mention the reduction in my ‘liquid’ intake that would need to be address.

I was working long hours with no exercise at all, I was really out of shape and exercise was a dirty word. I had no energy and was tired all the time, I’d come home from work, get dinner, sit down and watch TV then fall asleep, that was how I spent my days.

I left our talk that Saturday after our weight and measurements were taken thinking to myself ‘this is not for me’.

Monday came around and my first class with my new team mates, (what a sound bunch) it would also be my first week ever counting calories. What a tough session that Monday was but I enjoyed it.

Then the fun began Colin and Philly had done up my nutrition program so counting began from then. To say this was frustrating for me was an understatement, this was completely alien to me there was days in the first week I could have chucked our kitchen scales and anything near it out the window. But I had the lads on hand through our small group page at all times to advise and help me on my food and give me ideas of what to be eating, this was a massive plus for me.

My fitness pal was a gift when I found out how to use it (so simple). I made one of my biggest decisions that first week, I decided that if I was going to do this I owed it to Mary and myself  to go all in, as I had paid up dropping  out wasn’t an option. So drink was gone.

My food habits had to also change, gone were my takeaways and microwave quick options. In came healthy eating.

I found it hard at first to consume the calories I was given as the amount of food involved when you eat healthy is much more than what you get from eating takeways and that. As the weeks went on how this changed I found myself getting hungry as training progressed, Colin and Philly had told us this would happen. This meant preparing food and spacing it over a day was essential.

I pushed hard and set myself goals and started cycling and running on the day I was not in the Academy. This took a lot of self motivation to get out and put the work in. When I was in the Academy training motivation was not an issue as the group I was with were brilliant encouraging and pushing one another on.

I could feel my fitness levels rise and had much more energy as the lads said would also happen. I started to see results on the scales also, nothing major at the start but as I went on through the weeks eating well and putting the time in on my off days cycling or running, I started to see some decent results.

By the end of my 8 week course I had over 10kg gone.

I had the bug and signed for another 8 week course with 4 of the members from my first group.

I have now come to the end of this and have dropped 3 sizes in my jeans for a 38” to a 32” and have 15kg gone. I have bundles of energy feel and look great.

I would like to finish by saying a massive thank you to Colin and Philly for all there hard work and help, you have changed the way I look at food and given me a much greater knowledge of food and how to manage it.

You have also got me back to a weight and fitness level I thought I would never see again.