I signed up for the small group training as a complete blind leap of faith. I had never stepped foot in The Performance and Fitness Academy, it seemed like a mad notion!

I had been struggling massively after having a baby to get back feeling like my old self. Even though I felt that I was doing ‘what you should do’ to get back fit, it wasn’t getting anywhere, and to be honest it was so tough.

The training times and schedules suited, the classes are well structured and really helped me get my confidence back in terms of overall strength and fitness.

Both Philly and Colin, are both generous with their time and are very genuine in helping you achieve what you want. I sent many a mail with many a question which was always answered with reasoned advice. There are no mad notions or crazy ideas. You are given a specific guidelines which you stay within, you make yourself accountable for the food you eat and the choices you make, and you make sure you are active every single day.

It was this approach that I valued the most, and it alters your mind-set going forward.

I can definitely say I feel myself again!