I bought myself a really nice show jacket a good few years ago now, on clearance, 75% off. I was delighted with it, it’s pretty distinctive and I love it. About 18 months ago, it had gotten obviously tight around the middle and, as hard as I was trying without help, I couldn’t lose the weight. So I bought a bigger jacket that did the job but I hated it… Then last October, my “fat jacket” as I called it, was also getting too tight. That, along with weighing in at 106kg in a work physical that week, was the fright I needed to join the group

Had my first competition back last Sunday. With some nerves, I tried on my good jacket and it fits so well again. I was so delighted. It’s so silly but I felt so confident back in that jacket that I genuinely had the best competition day I’ve ever had on the horse. I was out again yesterday and felt the same. It’s amazing how the little victories in the group have bled out into loads of other areas.