Any positive feedback I get is a reflection of the individual’s hard work themselves. I can’t force anybody to take action, I provide the information and then it’s up to them. It’s always the hard working client who comes back to say ‘thank you’, so well done Fiona and keep up the great work.

Fiona has been incredibly consistent with her training lately, it’s great to see her making lots of progress under the watchful eye of Niall and Col. I’m glad I can supplement their great work with some positive input on nutrition.

I contacted Philly initially to get my hands on his recipe book if I’m honest! I loved the fact that it gave suggestions for each meal, the calories and macros. Philly then did my own personal macros/calories, based on my goals and for the first time ever, I’ve been able to join the dots with food and exercise and get a better handle on what I am eating – and how this affects the results I am getting.

His advice was simple and practical, and made me realise that making huge restrictive changes is never going to be sustainable for me.  Now  I’ve been able to make smaller changes to my diet, that I can stick to and will make the difference over time. The additional support and blogs are a great way of keeping the focus, and also makes you realise the work and consistent effort that goes in for those that do see serious results.

Thank you Fiona! Another hard working client satisfied.

If you’re looking to start on the journey to a fitter, healthier you get in touch.