In short – James was looking to drop some weight, specifically body fat BUT at the same time be able to perform in his gym sessions. He’s a badass who always gives 100% in training, so I knew the work ethic was there. Have a read…

Just a quick progress report. Started with your nutritional guide and personalised plan on the 18th of January 2016. I am really delighted with the result. It was just what I needed to motivate me towards healthier eating after the Christmas period of excess.

From the start I have been impressed with the clarity and consistent message that Philly brings to his personalised plans. The Nutritional Guide eBook is quality and really practical and easy to follow. It has been really helpful in understanding portion control when it comes to butters, oils and carbs. What I really like about this plan is the fact that you can shop in Dunnes Stores, Tesco, Lidl or Aldi and follow these guidelines. There is no need for organic this or that, (knock yourself out if you’re into that type of thing each to their own).The emphasis is simply on good quality food and knowing how many calories you are eating each day.

Philly stresses the need to know how much fat, carbs and protein are in your daily diet depending on your activity level and circumstance. For example, I eat much more carbs on the day I train and more protein on rest days. This has led to me having better quality training sessions with more energy and less soreness the next day. To this day I have lost half a stone. It is a plan I can see myself sticking to, I can still enjoy a meal out or a drink and feel good about. I also now enjoy the process of knowing what I will eat each day and indeed week ahead. As Philly said on his blog,( ) and Facebook, this guide is a game changer.

I cannot stress how supporting Philly has been in this plan, you just don’t get the guide you get someone who checks in with you regularly and is there for help and advice. The Facebook group is great for meal ideas and tips. If you’re thinking of giving this a go please do, the average person in my opinion simply does not have the knowledge that Philly gives you to take control of their own nutrition.

Thank you James, it has been a pleasure working with you so far and I really appreciate the kind words.

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