I signed up for Philly’s nutrition plan last September….I’ve trained for years (Bootcamp, running club, duathlons, circuit classes etc…a disastrous 6 months trying to learn how to swim!!) but it was only when I looked at my nutrition and started to track my food intake that I started to see and feel the difference. Pure proof that a bad diet cannot be out-trained.

Philly explains everything in language that is straightforward and easily understood rather than bamboozling with science and figures. He was always on hand to offer great advice and support. The group support was amazing. Being the only vegetarian in the group was a novelty but everyone helped me along and the banter was always good fun.

Along with my 3 Bootcamp classes a week I started to feel the difference almost immediately and at the end of the month, I was down on the scales while my energy levels were very high. 6 months on (and over Christmas!)… I’m down a jeans size, but more importantly than that, and cannot emphasise this enough….I have established good eating habits for life, am happier in my skin and am now in control of my relationship with food. 

It’s a choice you make. It’s an education. I can’t recommend Philly Kinsella enough. Thanks so much.

Ps. Can I be excused the push-ups next time please*?!? 

In a word, no. – Philly 🙂


Update **August 2017**

Philly…. last August I came to you in despair asking for help. Do you remember the conversation we had!?.

I started your nutrition course in September, dropped all the excess poundage over a period of 4 months and opened my eyes to a new way of eating.

I told you back then that I felt I’d turned my life around. Well it’s a year later… I started out following your nutrition plan – it has become my daily diet. A sensible nutritious way of eating.

I have kept the weight off. I’m leaner and stronger in my Fifties that I was in my Twenties or Thirties. I’ve been through Christmas, nights out, holidays.

Still fitting into my size 10s…..What can I say?!! I love my new approach to healthy eating and training. I know I’ve said thank you before but just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the help, advice and support you showed me.

If I can encourage anyone to take the same steps I did last September I will do it.

Elizabeth (aka Liz 😀) x