I am the proud new owner of a Strong Body Strong Mind t-shirt.

This group is the brain child of Philly, one of the coaches at The Performance and Fitness Academy. He set it up to to help give people whatever knowledge the need on nutrition, training and mindset on a daily basis.

Both myself and K joined in January and I have to say it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. I thought I knew it all about eating and dieting and that the reason I never actually got any lighter was that it was ‘just my shape’ and so be it.

But you know me, always the first to admit I was wrong! Not only is Philly an absolute fountain of knowledge, but the rest of the group are so willing to share their tips and pictures of food are actually requested – heaven.

The strange thing is it’s actually the best craic and better still the results are slowly but steadily making themselves known.

We’re all eating better and the guesswork is all gone, roll on month 2.

**UPDATE** 5/8/18

Margaret has hit an incredible milestone of 10 kilos down. January to the start of August – amazing work.

‘Thanks a mill, Philly! When I started with you it was only really to keep himself company, I honestly (and i know I keep saying it but its true) did not expect to lose any weight myself at all.

I’d been the same for years and well, really thought that was only going to go up in the next few years and that sure if I could stave that off, I’d be delighted. But not only did I get to a weight that I haven’t seen since my twenties,

I gained knowledge, friends and the kind of information that I honestly don’t know how anyone lives without now.

You’re a legend, thanks so so much x’