I started in Philly’s nutrition group 6 months ago and during that time I have lost almost 9kgs.

My main reason for starting was to learn how to stop putting on weight. I am 46, and It seemed to creep up. I was eager to lose weight too, but trying to prevent myself from getting heavier was a bigger focus. I am writer and spend a lot of time on my laptop, sitting down…it was only going in one direction.

I was very fit in my twenties, and even taught group exercise classes. However, pregnancy, illness and injury changed my activity levels and the kind of exercise I thought I could do.

A friend of mine is a member at The Academy. She is the reason I looked into Philly’s course. What struck me was how she never acted like she was on a diet. She was enjoying the challenge, and she looked great, and healthy.

In the last six months, I’ve drawn inspiration from the other group members.

Philly is always generous and forthcoming with advice. He is passionate about his job and his subject. I have started to enjoy and challenge myself more in the gym as result, drawing motivation from the group.

I am not a member of TPFA, and you don’t need to be to do this course. I have been fortunate in finding an instructor with the same high standards as Philly in my gym.

Philly’s program has been revolution for me in lots of ways. In the before photo, I am attending an awards ceremony where I was a finalist. It should have been a moment of victory, but the picture affected me negatively, and sullied it for me. I shed a few tears in the aftermath. I had no idea I looked like that, I didn’t like it.

The course is most definitely a process. It is not a diet, it is a skill-set that you learn over time. Philly provides you with objective information, a comprehensive means to measure and record your progress, recipes, email support and encouragement. He trusts your intellect, respects your freedom and empowers you to start viewing food in a positive light.

It is very difficult in our culture and environment to both lose weight, then keep it off. Everything mitigates against it. This program is one that requires a high degree of commitment, honesty and willingness to change. The payback is acquiring a life-long capacity to manage your weight.

It will help you navigate successfully those inevitable moments when you fail on route. You will experience improved general well being, and simple gift of just being able to enjoy your food. So things like holidays don’t come tinged with guilt.

If you ready to change how you approach your eating. Potentially relearn everything your thought you knew about nourishment, then this is one of the best favours you will ever do yourself. It is well worth the investment of time and money.

Oh, and the dress I am wearing in the after photo, is 16 years old. The last time I wore it, was the day after my wedding.

Thank you Philly.