Joing the #strongbodystrongmind nutrition group two years ago was hands down the best decision I ever made for my health – both physical and mental. I didn’t really expect to lose any weight, I’d been the same size for years and was well used to hiding the bits I didn’t like (I’ve used the pic on the left as I didn’t take it and if I had it would never have seen the light of day) But now not only am I a stone lighter, I’m stronger, fitter, healthier and less stressed than I could ever have even dreamed.

I have learnt a whole new way to eat where no foods need be off limits if you have the proper knowledge and that so many other things feed into a healthy lifestyle namely sleep and fresh air. I’m now equipped to make all the daily decisions that fuel myself properly giving me enough energy to do everything I want to do and the impact of this on both me and my family has been amazing.