This is me Christmas 2015 (left), September 2016 on holiday (middle), and Christmas Day this year (right). I didn’t even realise how overweight I looked. I was training in another gym 4 days a week, playing hockey 3 times a week, but eating crap.  You really can’t out train a bad diet! Without a doubt the difference started once I did the nutrition talk and started the first 28 days implementing the information. This has made me even more motivated to keep going and get leaner. Thanks so much Philly and to this group. The support is AMAZING and makes all the difference. Here’s to a great 2017 everyone!

Thank you and a huge congrats Martina, you’ve earned every inch of progress and your work ethic is second to none. Legend!


****Update 5/6/17

A retest has shown some more amazing sustainable progress.

I’m delighted with the retest! I’ve mostly stuck to the plan (I had 2 trips away where I didn’t track). I’ve really enjoyed the process and haven’t felt at any stage that this is too hard and want to give up.

I haven’t deprived myself anything, just worked it into my day. But I know how to make smart choices.

I’ve kept the weight I’ve lost off and recently smashed the goal I had set for myself.

I’ve entered my 40’s feeling great! I just need to set a new goal now! I LOVE how I now feel and I’m comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life. I know I’m fit but also that I’m healthy.

Here’s to the next chapter in my journey, I know with Philly and the groups support and guidance I’ll smash that too.



****Update 20/6/17

Heading to wedding today and wearing a dress that I got for a wedding last year. But had to get it taken in by 5 inches to wear it today – Martina.


If you’re looking to sign on for nutrition support, check out this link;