Just over a year ago, I was 10kg heavier than I am now. At the time I didn’t think I had that amount of weight to lose nor did I set out to lose 10kg exactly.

My goal was to feel comfortable and happier in myself and I have certainly achieved that.

The nutrition talk is easy to understand and very informative. Although it can be daunting and seem like a big commitment, the group is there as a support network and everyone is in the same boat.

Philly is only a message away to answer any question and the articles he shares with us in the group provide a wealth of information.

Tracking all your food can seem like a huge amount of effort at the beginning but eventually prepping and logging your meals becomes second nature. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

I have always had a fairly good knowledge of food but it was only when I started accurately logging my food, I realised how many calories I was actually consuming.

I have always eaten healthily but not in the right amounts. Once I made a change to my nutrition, results followed suit.

Patience, discipline and consistency are super important. Dropping body fat takes time and won’t occur overnight. Trust the process.

I now have a lot more energy when I’m training, a more active lifestyle and I’m much happier in myself.

I would highly recommend Philly’s nutrition group to anyone wishing to make a change.

The knowledge I gained has been invaluable and I will definitely be applying my improved lifestyle into the future.