It was honestly the best Christmas present I gave myself when I signed up to one of Philly’s nutrition talks last December.

Sport has always been a big part in my life , playing and studying it. I’m a P.E. teacher now for over twenty years, so I love exercise and have been training at the Academy for nearly three years.

Even though I was exercising up to six days a week, I wasn’t tracking my food at all. I never had and I was beginning to feel my diet catching up with me.

I think as well that I was cooking family meals – my boys are all over six foot and I wasn’t watching my portion size at all .

The nutrition talk was a real eye opener , I love Philly’s approach to things – no sugar coating at all and solid, accessible information.

The notion of recording and tracking for me has been a really valuable tool , it appeals to my nerdy side. If it’s on the sheet – I ate it , it totally keeps me honest!

The Facebook group is really as it’s name suggests, a ‘Super Group’, as the support here is second to none from posts sharing recipe ideas and Philly’s posts are great reads.

I’m coming to the end of my second 28 day Super Group and I’ve already signed up for a third group.

Addressing my nutrition was key for me, and to be honest I haven’t looked back since January 9th .

To me, it’s simple, this works !!!!! In my late forties I feel full of energy and as strong and fit as I did in my twenties!