Hey folks,

I’m going to share more feedback with you today from long time 1 to 1 client Sharon.

I’m lucky to have some dedicated clients who are willing to work extremely hard on a consistent basis. This is the key to anyone getting results. I provide the plan, the client MUST stick to it.

Sharon is a shining example of this. I love every session because she gives 100%, and she can see the value of the work we do. Thank you for being such a great client, and for the kind feedback.

When I first went to Philly, I wasn’t particularly over weight but I wasn’t happy with my body. I was training 5 to 6 days a week and was seeing no improvement or changes in my body.

I honestly thought than when I went he would show me some secret magic exercise that would give me the results that I wanted.  I didn’t think that food or diet would be mentioned, after all I wasn’t really overweight.

When he asked me to track my food I was a bit terrified. I have not really had a great relationship with food.  When I say that, I mean I absolutely love food, but I was an all or nothing kind of person. I would have 2 days of eating bad food and then 3 days of eating very little.  This was how I had learned to manage my weight.  I was tired a lot of the time and had bad sugar cravings.

After I went to the first nutrition talk I was shocked at how much I was doing wrong. I learned about being as consistent with my food as I was with my training, about how protein was essential help increase muscle mass.  The information I was given was all scientifically proven and was backed up with facts so I gave it 100%.

I planned all of my meals I ate mostly at the same time every day.   I was eating way more than I ever had (not just lettuce and tomato on cracker bread), real food – steak, fish, potatoes, even bread which was a big no before. I didn’t think it would actually work!

After the first 28 days I could not believe the difference firstly in my energy levels – I was not tired. Did I l drop 4 dress sizes? Nope!! But I looked so much leaner and felt really good.

I can honestly say I will do this for the rest of my life.

I have so much knowledge now that I can make good decisions on what to eat. I very rarely have sugar cravings. I feel so much more in control of my food and that is a huge deal for me. I still have loads of work to do and I still have good and bad days still. But now it’s more good than bad.

The support I received from Philly was fantastic. He was always there to give advice and answer questions.

Doing this was one of the best decisions I have ever made.