Sue is long-time member of the Academy and trained with us throughout the pregnancy of her first child, the beautiful Milly who arrived just over a year ago. She returned when ready, easing her way back into the classes.

Sue returned to her pre-pregnancy weight relatively quickly, so it was a different approach to things for me. Sue came to me looking to understand they ‘why’ behind what she should be eating to maintain her weight.

The common trait all my successful clients have is that they work hard, there needs to be a determination and drive on their part. I can provide the information and the training, but the individual MUST apply themselves. Sue is another perfect example of this, clients like her provide a huge amount of job satisfaction.

I have been working with Philly for the past number of weeks.  The reason I went to him was to gain a better understanding of my nutrition, what I should/shouldn’t be eating and also these things called “macros” that everyone keeps taking about!

To say he made it simple is an understatement.  He gave me guidelines of how many calories I should consume a day and how much protein, carbs and fat I should be taking in a day and outlined where which food I get these sources from – he even breaks up the amounts you should have in your 5, yes 5! meals a day (this is flexible to whatever number fits the client’s lifestyle -Philly).

I cannot stress how straight forward and unrestrictive his plan is.  Philly is a fountain of knowledge and is always happy to answer questions and offer support when needed.  He regularly monitors my weight and body fat, and checks in with me to make sure I’m getting on okay.

I am delighted with the plan as I feel like he has educated me for life – I now understand what to eat and in what proportion – its just up to me to do it!

I can’t recommend him highly enough, as a trainer or a nutritional advisor.

Thank you very much for your support Sue, it’s been a pleasure working with you. If you’re looking to get on top of managing your weight and body composition nutrition is a huge part of the process.

Get in touch if you need help.