Since joining the Performance and Fitness Academy two years ago, I have come a long way in my level of fitness and body composition.

Wanting to learn more about good nutrition, I joined Philly’s nutrition programme three months ago. Philly’s knowledge on nutrition and exercise is excellent. As a coach, he is very professional and has a great understanding of what different people need to do to achieve their goals; one size does not fit all!

The programme provided me with a number of tools such as the macro and calorie calculators, which helped me to take control of my nutritional needs. Philly is always available to answer questions and provide support.

The additional encouragement of the other group members is also a huge help, where we share recipes and tips on the group page. Over the past three months, I have become leaner, I have more energy and I feel great. The programme has taught me how to achieve my goals but yet eat well and healthy.

Armed with the new knowledge on nutrition, I am now motivated to try out new things with my training. I am delighted that in my late fifties, I am healthy, lean, fitter and more active than ever.

Thank-you Philly!

I recommend the programme for all, male or female, of any age, you won’t regret it!