I had been working out in the gym for about 3 months and was very happy with my results. I had my nutrition down to a tee from what it had been. I was feeling good. However, I had felt good before. I had been down the road of patting myself on the back for “guessing” about nutrition and getting some results. That’s when I would lose focus!

I was doing very well in the gym but I was very afraid that any of my good work would be undone by complacency. Just then, Philly threw up notice of a nutrition talk! It grabbed my attention. However, before committing, I spoke to other members/clients and asked for their take. They said everything I will say now! “Great”, “Fun”, “Informative”, “Enjoyable”, “Eye-opening”! None of them lied!

I will be honest, I was still a little skeptical. It was because I thought “maybe they are just being kind because Philly is such a nice guy”! With that said, I still signed up!

I attended the talk in February and it was brilliant! What was enjoyable was to sit in a room with people of all shapes and sizes and hear their stories. Hear that they have the same anxieties, the same fears and the same lack of knowledge that I had. We sat for four and a half hours and it felt like thirty minutes. I learnt so much.

Philly very clearly gave me the tools to take control of nutrition for myself. It was very empowering and my confidence went to an even higher level. I thought I knew a lot of the things Philly was talking about but the big difference was that I did not know how to make them work for me. Philly changed that. Some things I was doing well and it felt nice to hear from someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Philly that I was making good choices but this helped me take things to another level.

I was so much stronger in resisting temptations than I had been previously. With that knowledge of food in your head you learn to make better choices.

I am a primary school teacher and I would love this to be a curriculum subject in schools.

We are not doing enough about childhood obesity and knowledge around nutrition. One hour a week of Physical Education is set aside for children in school and nothing about nutrition. It is a disgrace because such knowledge could empower children, increase their confidence and thus make them better and stronger versions of themselves.

After this talk I am not there yet but I am determined to become the “better, stronger version of myself”.


Thank you Philly and I look forward to continuing learning from you.