I began training at the Academy nearly 3 years ago. I joined on the advice of the physio who believed it would help with running injuries. He was right and I never looked back. I’ve completed the Dublin City Marathon twice since then.

I took a break from training after the 2106 and couldn’t believe the change in so many of the members when I returned in February what they had been doing. Each of them had the same answer; “I joined Philly’s group”.

Following a very frank and honest conversation via Facebook with Philly one Sunday morning I decided to jump on board on what has become known in my house as “Operation Philly’s Food”. The talk was on the night of my 48th birthday. What a fantastic birthday present to give myself. I have stuck diligently to the plan for the past 28 days. Believe me, that has NOT been difficult, even with Easter in the middle of it.

I have seen the number on the scales drop, but more importantly, I feel I am in total control of my whole self.

I increased my Boot Camp from 2 sessions to 3, and walk about 1 hour on the other days. I always felt I ate well, I did cook and eat good foods but didn’t understand the importance of what to eat with what etc.

Now I am always full, feeling happy that my body is fueled with good quality foods, and I know that I am responsible for my increased energy and enthusiasm for life. I finally understand how to eat!

Without the information and support from Philly I would be still working my butt off and not seeing the results of my efforts. 28 days later 4 people in 24 hours have commented on my appearance. That can’t be bad! I most certainly do not feel like I’m in my late 40’s. This has definitely been a good decision and I am looking forward to the next 28 days and beyond.

Thank you Philly for the education in such a straightforward, friendly, clear and concise forum.

UPDATE **August 2017**

When your physiotherapist admires your squat you know something is going right!

I’m now into my 5th month on “Operation Philly’s Food” and hand on heart I can honestly say I never felt as good as I do now.

Yeah, I’ve been this weight before BUT I have never been this weight, this strong (for me) and this confident before.

My self confidence has been an issue for me all of my life. Now, being a part of this fantastic “Super Group”, improving constantly at Boot Camp, which I just love more and more as time goes by, my self confidence is in a place I don’t ever remember it being.

The only thing that’s changed is that I joined Philly’s group at the end of March and haven’t looked back.

I love being a part of the gang, have made great friends through it, the support is amazing if you’re struggling at any stage and the craic is mighty!

If anyone is wondering about it and afraid to make the leap please do yourself a favour and go along to the talk.

Believe me, you will not regret it. I thought I’d give it a go for a month or maybe 2, get all the info and sail away into the sunset. But no, they’re stuck with me now.

I’m going nowhere, only out to enjoy me new hobby of clothes shopping!

Thank you Philly for all the advice and the encouragement both in the group and in the gym.