I remember chatting to Helena on the phone, trying to explain how beneficial the talk would be. ‘I’m not sure if I can make it, I have pilates on Thursday’, she said. It was pretty hard to not scream down the phone ‘SCREW PILATES, THIS IS GOING TO BE LIFE CHANGING!’.

Thankfully she didn’t go to pilates 🙂


‘I’m writing this email tonight as I am about to embark on a trip of a life time, I am due to be married in Portugal on Friday.

I started in Philly’s nutritional group in February 2017. Prior to that I had tried every diet under the sun, I could practically write the book- but I was doing something wrong and I could genuinely not put my finger on it.

I thought I was doing everything right. I joined the group thinking to myself ‘sure what’s the harm? I’ll give it a shot’.

I recall his words saying “you’re not broken and you will lose weight if you are in a calorie deficit”.

When I started I didn’t have a whole pile of weight to lose but I just couldn’t seem to get the scales to shift in the right direction. I felt like I had tried everything and had failed to succeed… that’s until I went to the talk.

I loved the accountability of the Group, the daily tracking and posting pictures of meals and getting some valuable tips.. (the bit of banter with others in the same boat always helped).

And boom…the weight started to drop.Finally my hard work was paying off.

I was consistent with my training and tracking and I reaped my just rewards. I’m all about the scales if I’m being honest, but the dramatic change in my body shape is also something that has taken me by surprise.

Whenever I’ve lost weight in the past my clothes have always just ‘fit better’ but now my clothes are actually too big… I’ve a fortune lost to tailoring… (I know not a bad complaint).

I’m at a weight now I  could only dream of reaching and it was achieved in a healthy way – no magic pill or drastic starvation, or cutting out certain food groups – nothing is off limits so you still get to lead a normal life.

Prepping is key, and making smart choices.

If any of this is relevant to anyone else ready this please don’t hesitate in contacting Philly I’m just regretting I didn’t find him sooner. In Philly’s own words… TRUST THE PROCESS…IT WORKS..’