People usually try some kind of detox or cleanse diet for a pair of reasons;

1. They want to lose weight.
2. They are told the process will rid the body of toxins as well.

There are a few things wrong with this as an approach.

First off, weight loss IS possible in the short term when trying something like this. The reason, as you know, is that anything that puts you in a calorie deficit is going to cause weight loss (it’s unlikely to be fat loss because of the short time span).

Detoxing/cleanses usually comprise of shakes or liquids that are taken a few times day. Chances are it’s all low enough in overall calories to promote weight loss through a deficit..

IF you stick to the deficit for long enough then it is actual fat mass that is lost.

BUT, If it’s any kind of large deficit this will prove very difficult to stick to and it’s highly unlikely there will be any long term success purely from an adherence point of view.

It can only be done short term. If something promises short term success with fat loss it’s too good to be true, it’s just not how the body works. Actual fat loss takes time.

When it comes to detoxing the body your liver filters your blood before passing it along to the rest of your body. Nutrients from your food get absorbed into your bloodstream as part of the digestive process, the liver does it’s job and any waste products get dealt with and excreted via the kidneys (this happens via sweat and poop too).

‘High levels of toxins in the body’ doesn’t really happen without you feeling unwell. Any abnormally high level of toxin in the body – chances are you’ll be acutely aware of it and need a trip to A and E. And it definitely isn’t the reason for someone gaining weight.

When it comes to toxicity the dose is the poison, too much of a lot of things could potentially cause you problems. With food your body does a great job of taking what’s needed and getting rid of what’s not. Saying that food causes a build-up of toxins in the body is just a scare tactic.

Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in amongst your habitual diet is a great way to promote wellness. Controlling energy balance is what influences your weight, and these two factors together are the real way to manage weight and health.

Overall lifestyle and habits are the magic pill – detox products are a complete waste of money.

Make decent decisions day to day with food and exercise a few times a week.

Something else to keep in mind to protect your natural detoxifying organ – the liver – is to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, especially over prolonged periods of time. Any kind of damage or disease affecting the liver will have a huge impact on the rest of the body’s processes.

We probably all have experienced it or know someone who is unwell and has a bad experience with waiting times in hospitals etc. (I know it’s not always like that).

Looking after your health through lifestyle will hopefully keep you far away from that.

Here’s 3 minutes on why your liver is amazing;

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