Consistently being in an energy surplus makes you put on weight, and unless you have your nutrition and training incredibly fine tuned, it will predominantly be fat.

So no, fruit doesn’t make you fat. The next time someone says ‘it’s got loads of sugar in it’ etc., tell them about energy balance (calories in versus out).

If someone says something specific about fructose – which you also might hear, well it doesn’t matter that fruit contains fructose – it’s just a form of carbohydrate. Remember, overall energy balance dictates weight.

I’ve dealt with 100’s of clients. It has never, ever been a case of ‘yeah, it’s the fruit that’s causing the problem here’. It’s all that other calorie dense (usually processed) food that needs to be addressed. Generally, clients don’t get enough fruit OR vegetables in their diet.

You can actually get some good volume with fruit (vegetables is a given), plus there’s the whole health thing – it’s nutrient dense and you want it in your diet.

‘Get plenty of fruit and vegetables in a well balanced diet, while managing your energy intake/expenditure’. You can’t go wrong with that advice.

Here’s a couple of pictures of portions/calories I made. This was done with a combination of using a digital scales, Myfitnesspal and having a browse online to make sure it seemed right.

Myfitnesspal is GREAT for tracking food, but it’s not without it’s flaws. I can’t guarantee these totals are 100%, but they’re close. Remember, if you’re struggling with your weight, it’s not fruit that’s causing the problem anyway!

And yes, I did have to try and eat most of this after I took the pictures.