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Are you looking to learn how to lose fat, gain muscle and look your absolute best?

Are you sick of feeling like you're not making as much progress as you should in the gym? Learning how to fuel yourself properly will help you squeeze every inch of progress in the gym.

The right nutrition will help you get stronger, leaner and fitter in the quickest possible way. Don't leave results behind you anymore, you work hard - reap the rewards.

Have you got low energy every day? You SHOULD NOT be living in this sub optimal state. 

Throughout the day you should not feel lethargic and lost of energy. Food plays an essential part in you feeling energised every day. 

I can help you reclaim those energy levels that you know will help boost your confidence in every thing you do.

You can do all of this NOT feeling like you're dieting ALL of the time. Eat healthy, tasty meals and learn how to make great decisions on the fly even when you're not prepared.

You'll have more confidence, knowledge about how nutrition can help fuel performance, learn how to shred fat and learn how it can positively affect so many different aspects of your life.

Some people come to me and say they can't concentrate, they suffer from brain fog and it has them feeling their lowest ever. I'll teach you how to reclaim your mental sharpness and have you feeling sharp in your mind along with all the physical benefits.

I'm here to provide you with the accountability you need to smash all of your goals.

Being lean, healthy and happy can be done in a sustainable way.

First off, there's a couple of things about nutrition I need to tell you, and if you really think about it yourself it'll make a whole lot of sense.

#1. Learning about nutrition is like learning a language. I call it 'the language of food'. It can't be done overnight. It takes time and effort, but once you become fluent it is SO valuable.

It affects how you look, how you feel, and it will influence how long you live. Food supports life, it keeps you alive, but beyond that it has a huge impact on whether or not you thrive.

#2To learn the language of food you need a mentor. I guess my title is nutrition coach, but really I see it more as a mentorship. I say this because I've hired my own coach before for a year, so I've been there. Let me explain...

If you want to be successful in your career an absolutely huge advantage would be having a great mentor. Someone who is successful in your chosen industry and who has walked the path you're looking to walk. I still reach out to my old coach/mentor Alex whenever I need advice.

A great mentor will support you when you need it most, they'll help you avoid the mistakes they may have made (or seen people make), and they 100% have your best interests at heart. A great mentor takes you on the quickest path to success and teaches the 'why' behind getting there.

I apply the same thought process to nutrition except it's not your career or job, it's something which directly influences how you look and feel, and how long and well you'll live.

There is so much poor information out there it's a huge advantage to have someone who is feeding you all the right info, who can easily point out the B.S, and someone who will have your back when you need it. 

It's my job to give you the best information in a way you can understand and to help you find a way to nutrition that suits YOUR lifestyle. I don't tell you what to do, I give you the best information there is and we find a solution FOR YOU.

It's my job to be your nutrition mentor. 

The one thing I can't put a price on is the confidence given to me by mine. If you're ready to look, feel, and I mean REALLY feel great about yourself then read on...


"Joining the nutrition group two years ago was hands down the best decision I ever made for my health – both physical and mental. I didn’t really expect to lose any weight, I’d been the same size for years and was well used to hiding the bits I didn’t like.

Now not only am I a stone lighter, I’m stronger, fitter, healthier and less stressed than I could ever have even dreamed.


I have learnt a whole new way to eat where no foods need be off limits if you have the proper knowledge and that so many other things feed into a healthy lifestyle namely sleep and fresh air.

I’m now equipped to make all the daily decisions that fuel myself properly giving me enough energy to do everything I want to do and the impact of this on both me and my family has been amazing". 



Learning about nutrition is the key to achieving the body you want. Whether it's fat loss, muscle gain, high performance or all of the above, taking care of your nutrition day to day is what really matters.

Looking your best will bring you confidence like you've never had before.


At a basic level food helps you survive, but beyond that it can help you thrive. A day to day diet consisting of nutrient dense food will help promote good health and have an impact on how long you live.

Not only are you promoting a longer life, but you'll live better for longer too.


I want to teach you how to support good health and for you to feel and look your very best. But don't just take my word for it, here's what some of my past and current clients think.


"I have more energy and I feel great. I am delighted that in my late fifties I am healthy, fitter, and more active than ever".


"Hand on heart I can honestly say I never felt as good as I do now. Please do yourself a favour and sign up".


"I gained knowledge, friends, and the kind of information that I honestly don't know how anyone lives without now".

Gary and Dianna

"We have so much more energy and have lost 50 kg between us. It's a part of life from here on".


"This is one of the best favours you'll ever give yourself, it is well worth the investment of time and money!".


"I'm down over four stone in a year, commitment is the key. Believe in yourself and you can do it".


"I'm down 20 kg and back playing basketball for the first time in years. I highly recommend this course".


"My goal was to feel happier and more comfortable in myself and I definitely achieved that. Trust the process!".


"Being part of Philly’s nutrition group has changed my life for the better and I would encourage anyone looking to make positive changes  to get on board".

You can find even more examples of client success on the testimonials area of the website.


You might be wondering 'how does online nutrition coaching work?', it's a valid question.

My course is delivered via video, audio and visual content. 

Here's a quick sample video from the course and then you'll see what you get signing up.


My video course will take you through all the essentials on burning fat, fueling your body and looking your very best. Videos and articles are added to the member library monthly.


I'll be there every step of the way with coaching support. Got a question? Drop me a mail and I'll answer it. I add more learning material each month on all aspects of nutrition.


Join my private Facebook group for social support. Post up on how your day went and interact with people looking to reach the same goals. Not big on social media? No problem, you don't have to join. I'll send you all the content I post via email instead.


The real progress is made through accountability. The client/coach relationship is where the magic really happens. Let's work together and get to whatever your goal is. You'll be aiming for NEW goals before you know it.


I'll provide you with a tracking sheet to fill in to keep tabs on your progress over time. Data is your friend and it'll help us make any tweaks that are needed to provide optimal progress.


If you stick to the guidelines over time you are guaranteed to get sustainable results. Being able to manage your weight successfully will add confidence to every part of your life.


'You can't eat rice. You can't eat bread. You can't eat carbs. You can't eat nice food etc. etc.'. ALL TOTAL BS!

You can manage your weight and look your best eating tasty, nutritious food that you actually like.

Never be stuck for meal ideas again. My monthly recipe packs contain tasty, nutrient dense meals and snack ideas with a full ingredient list and cooking instructions.

The huge bonus is there is also a barcode so they easily scan in to Myfitnesspal. This is a HUGE time saver. Every month you'll have more ideas to add to your collection of go-to meals.

You CAN eat amazing food and reach any goal.

Click the video below to see how it works.


You'll have access to high quality content via posts, email, and video. Something doesn't make sense? Mail me and we'll get to the bottom of it.

Read something on the internet that you're unsure of? Send it on and I'll let you know what's what, but more than that I'll let teach you the thought process behind questioning any source of information and determining whether or not it's legit.

Remember what I described earlier - you're getting a mentor. It's my job to give you all the support you need and guide you on the quickest route to your goal.

Here's another example of the info you're going to get. I want you to learn about nutrition and be able to sit in a conversation and not be led by other people. You don't even have to say anything, but it's a great feeling knowing 'that's BS, and I know why'.

Have you ever heard someone claim 'eating food with chemicals or E numbers is bad for you'?. Here's a quick run through explaining why this is false.

Just click on the picture below to check out the very short article. Knowledge is power!

I'll point you toward recommended reading that will help you add to all aspects of your life. I highly recommend Atomic Habits by James Clear to all my clients. If you want to make sustainable change then you need to work on small daily habits that you can stick to over time.

Once these habits become second nature you start to see huge results in how you look physically, how you feel AND in the rest of life.

This all transfers into other areas of your life. It'll help you stay organised, you'll learn to question information which is VERY important in the age of social media. This process will change how you think just as much as it changes you physically.

You'll be achieving your goals but you'll understand why you're doing it. You'll feel smarter about food, about nutrition, and about how to make positive change in your life.

“Everyone deserves to be full of confidence, full of energy. I'll take you there and teach you the how and why.

Strong Body Strong Mind


I can only support a small number of clients at a time. It's my full time job, a lot of work goes in to each person. Coaching really is a two way thing. I can't magically make someone reach their goals unless they are willing to work hard and apply themselves well.

It's all down to teamwork.

We'll work hard together and success will come, trust me on that! I'm looking for someone who is ready to change and ready to work hard. 

I work hard every day and like surrounding myself with people who inspire me to achieve. I always try to reflect that back on my clients, but I need clients who are already motivated to do this right.

Have a read through the checklist below, I'm looking for someone interested in learning about their health and who is willing to put the work in.

  • Someone ready to learn and apply themselves well.
  • Someone who values communication and wants to work with a coach.
  • Someone who puts a high value on their health and well-being.
  • Someone who is willing to work hard to achieve the amazing results possible.

  • Anyone looking for a quick fix.
  • Anyone who thinks paying money will magically solve the problem. 
  • Anyone who isn't willing to make any changes to their lifestyle.
  • Anyone who needs to be constantly motivated.
  • Anyone who isn't willing to work hard and be consistent over time.



When people ask me 'what should I do to look and feel my best?', my answer is always 'change your lifestyle. Learn about nutrition and make training part of life. Forever!'.

You'll change everything. More energy, better sleep, better mental clarity, more confidence, a leaner body. Aside from that you are actively giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive instead of just survive. You're doing your part to help prevent illness and disease.

If you've got kids you are learning about how to promote health and well-being for them through nutrition and training that will improve their quality of life too.

When someone does ask about looking and feeling better I tell them to audit themselves.

How much energy do you have day to day?

Do you take many trips to the doctor and/or physio?

How much food gets wasted at home?

Are you happy with how you look?

Are you doing anything to protect your long term health and well-being?

What does life look like right now when it comes to health, well being and how you feel when you look in the mirror? Think of health for your future self.

  • Going to the doctor is €60 per trip plus medication costs.
  • Waiting times in hospitals. Appointment waiting lists to see specialists.
  • The cost of private health insurance.
  • The monetary and life cost of any conditions down the line in life. 

It is in your interest to promote your own health as much as possible.

Aside from that, I always tell the person to audit themselves when it comes to expenditure. What do you spend money on?

Is it material things that don't really add any value to your health? I've done it myself. I used to drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day. This can be anywhere up to €70 per week, or €3,640 PER YEAR

Even clothes, shoes, material things. If you don't feel good about how you look then you're trying to buy happiness, and it is VERY temporary.

Ask yourself how you feel, where you want to be, and how much are you willing to invest to get there?

My best advice to anyone is to sign up with a coach for 1 year. Like I said, I've done it myself. You can read about my experience here.

The learning and experience was priceless, and at the end of it all it was the best I ever felt and looked. I mentioned earlier it helps with other aspects of life...I graduated with a distinction from Mac-Nutrition Uni (I hired Alex at the start of the year long course) and it propelled my into doing a Masters in Nutrition. 

I felt good when I looked in the mirror, I was proud of my achievements. 

Think beyond nutrition. Hard work and good habits permeate into all aspects of your life.

If you're serious about making a huge positive change in your life then this is for you. By the end you'll know everything you need to do by yourself to manage your weight and promote health through food.

Again, I get real results with busy clients, check out my testimonials page.

My advice? Invest in something that will stand to you for the rest of your life. 

Sign up with the intention of doing it for one year. You'll learn everything you need to know about food and nutrition, you'll get into amazing shape, you'll sleep better, you'll have more energy, you'll feel mentally sharp and you'll feel more confident about yourself than you have in years.

Let's achieve greatness together! 




At the bottom of this page there is a link to apply for coaching. Click the link and fill in the questionnaire so I can get an idea of where you are and where you would like to be with your goals. 



Once the questionnaire is filled in and I read through everything I'll be in touch within 24 hours to let you know if everything is a good fit and I can help. If I think we are a good match everything will start to roll from and I'll do everything I can to get you to your goal.



You're beginning a journey to feeling and looking the best you have in years. I look forward to coaching you all the way there.


Nutrition affects you how look, how you feel, and it impacts how long you live. One of the best decisions I ever made was to delve into the world of 'how and why' when it comes to food.

I believe everyone should learn about how nutrition can positively affect your life. Everyone should have enough energy to have an active lifestyle, nobody should wonder 'how do I really lose weight?', and we should all have the knowledge we need to live long and to live well.

Sign up today and change your life.

Philly is a fully qualified Mac-Nutrition Uni certified nutritionist, a registered member of The Nutrition Society, and currently studying a Masters in Food, Nutrition and Health with UCD.


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