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Do you want to look and feel great but you're sure what workouts and training you should be doing to get there. Lose fat, build muscle, or tone up.

Things are a bit aimless or you just don't know how to do it? 

You need direction in the gym, you hear and see all these different ways to train, and you see all these different exercises on social media but just want to know 'what is the best way to train for my goal?'.

You've been doing a little bit of training and haven't really seen any results, you're frustrated. Working hard without any progress is discouraging for just want to work hard and know results will come.

Sound familiar? I've been there!

When I started out training all those years ago I had no clue what the best route to my goal was. Training was aimless and I felt frustrated.

Nowadays it's worse. There is so much noise in the age of social media, but after years of working hard in the industry, in the gym, in the classroom, and with clients, I've got the solution for anyone who wants to look and feel their best.

Strong Body Strong Mind Online Programming is an online coaching service designed for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness, look their absolute best, and to add to overall general health through an intelligently designed training system.

I'll be your coach, I'll give you the workouts you need to do every week to get you to your goal. You'll have guidance on your journey to loving what you see when you look in the mirror, to getting fitter and stronger.

I have been helping clients succeed in reaching their goals for almost a decade. I believe a huge factor in someone's overall happiness and wellness is living an active lifestyle. Lift weights and do conditioning (cardio) - it's the number 1 way to look amazing and feel your most confident.

My strong belief is that everyone should train regularly and everyone should hire a competent coach. A well structured training plan will help you look and feel your best AND add to your long term health.

Do you feel good in the clothes you wear?


What about when the sun is shining and it's t-shirt weather? 

Are you out of breath climbing the stairs or playing with your kids?

Are you confident in your own skin?


Do you feel fit and strong by your own standards?

Do you feel like you look good naked?

Do you have aches and pains you shouldn't have at your age?

When was the last time you got your bloods done and blood pressure tested? Was the outcome positive?

Anyone who trains regularly and has done over a long period of time will answer all of those questions positively!  A combination of resistance training (weights) and conditioning (cardio) is the key to you being the fittest version of yourself you can be AND loving how you look in the mirror.

What does it feel like to say 'yes, I look good, I'm fit, I'm confident in my clothes in the hot weather, I look good naked and all my health markers are good'? It feels pretty damn good.

If you don't feel that way right now then picture how good it would feel. You can get there.

It is also incredibly important to recognise that for health, wellness and longevity, consistent training is literally one of the best things you can do to promote it. Read on...


"Philly coached me during pregnancy, my training was well taken care of, everything was scaled back to suit me, I wasn’t afraid of injury or any thoughts of, ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’. I trained up to my due date and past it.

I can’t emphasise enough how much training helped during pregnancy as well as for recovery. Training kept my mind and body healthy. I had a C-section and had to use upper body strength getting out of bed/off sofa and I recovered so much faster.

After 6 weeks I returned to training and then started back with the nutritional group about 3 months post-partum. I gained a total of 15kg during pregnancy and I am now down 18kg in weight all thanks to the knowledge, support and accountability offered by the group".

- Nutrition + Programming client Eithne.


Below is Michelle working through some hand release push-ups. When we started this wasn't possible and 5kg dumbbells were very unstable when trying dumbbell bench press. Fast forward 9 months and a 97% completion rate on her schedule of 3 workouts per week you can see she now looks VERY strong. Add to that improvements on her 8 minute bike test and a huge 5K running PR and you've amazing progress.

Well done Michelle!



Weight training helps prevent sarcopenia (muscle wastage) which can happen as we age. It also improves bone density which plays a role in preventing osteoporosis and has been linked to a lower mortality rate in general versus a sedentary lifestyle.

The health benefits of lifting weights are huge AND it'll get you looking and feeling your best.


Conditioning workouts help support a healthy heart, lungs and circulatory system. Having a good level of cardiovascular fitness plays a role in helping prevent heart related illness such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.

This type of training is also linked to lower mortality rates versus a sedentary lifestyle...but it also helps with energy levels, mood, and improves your overall ability to work in AND outside of the gym.


A well designed training programme can deliver health benefits and make you look/feel amazing but one of the really cool things people overlook is that you're learning a new skill.

I went for a 6k run the other night with a friend. I got a text early in the day that said 'hey, do you wanna run later?'. When we got out there and I was half way through I thought to myself 'hey, this is really cool.

I can go for a run.

I can lift weights.

I could do an adventure race.

I know how to stretch if I feel a bit tight.

My fitness is a skill.

Now, you don't have to know as much about everything as I do. But it's really cool to be able to apply your fitness to things. If someone asks to join you for a run or a training session or anything with physical fitness you're not going to shy away from it.

Someone might ask you to do Hell and Back. 

A charity 5k run.

Even just a hike.

If you train with me you'll be ready!

The Strong Body Strong Mind method is built on years of learning and practical experience.

Not only will you be ready, but you'll love how you look and feel.


I have been training myself for over a decade, and I have been coaching clients for almost the same length of time. Over the years you learn how to apply the right method to the right situation. 

The process of programming workouts becomes refined and this means you get the best approach to help you reach your goals.

I believe in a mix of weight training and conditioning done in a safe, fun, progressive way adds to health and will help you look and feel your very best. Not only do I believe in it, but the scientific literature points toward this being the case.

When I started out training I had no idea what to do.

Should I lift weights?


What sequence should I follow?


Am I meant to do cardio before or after weights?

How many reps and sets is best? 

I ended up copying what other guys were doing. At one stage I tried a lift with too much weight, I left the weights on the last guy used and ended up hurting my neck. If you get hurt you can't train, if you can't train you won't make any progress. Getting injured is the absolute WORST possible outcome from a training session or a training programme.

The absolute best and safest thing I could have done was hire a coach with the experience and knowledge I have now.

No guessing what to do, no wondering what goes where, no copying what other people are doing. Just working on the optimal path to my goals and safeguarding against getting injured on the way.

The Strong Body Strong Mind Method is a programming style that utilises scientifically backed training principles along with a decade of training experience. Train hard, train safe, make amazing progress all while have lots of fun doing it.

Sounds good right?

“Training regularly will help you look and feel your best, but it also adds to health and longevity. It's money in the health bank every session.”

Strong Body Strong Mind


Okay, so you're interested in signing up but you want to know 'what exactly do I get?'. Here are some of the features.


Receive all your workouts direct to your phone via the TrueCoach app. Easy to use, easy to understand, your workouts will run seamlessly.


You won't just get workouts and be sent on your way. You're hiring a coach, you'll have my support and advice as needed. Truecoach has a messenging service and we'll have regular check-ins.


3 workouts are scheduled per week on days you specify before we get started. This is designed to suit your lifestyle and the days are flexible. Typically 60 minutes to complete but again this is flexible.


Truecoach allows you to upload videos so I'll be coaching you and giving you feedback on your technique every single time you train. Technical master of all the movements is what we are aiming for, you'll get there with my support.


Full exercise video library so you can see how every single movement should be done with excellent form. Videos of your training can be sent via the app and I'll give full analyse on each movement to make sure technique is on point.


I have several clients with garage gyms or who have a gym in work. If you've got access to a few pieces of equipment then we are in business. Before you sign-up I'll be looking to see what you have access to so I can formulate a programme. 


Fill in your workout weights on the app to track progress over time and make sure each session is optimised. This is a simple but powerful concept that many people overlook.


There are specific test workouts prescribed across periods of time to test your fitness (optional) and measure progress over time.


Here's a run through of the TrueCoach coaching app, a highly versatile, easy to use delivery system through which you'll receive your workouts.

It's the premium app for coaching delivery. High quality coaching straight to the palm of your hand.

*please not Truecoach is currently only available on iOS and DOES NOT have Android support. Everything can still be done by logging in to Truecoach on the web browser on your phone.


Don't forget all - all the movements have full video instructions to make sure you're set up and ready to work through every session smoothly. Send me your footage and I'll assess how you're getting on with the exercises and if any adjustments need to be made.

You'll also get access to a members area of my website where there are full instructions on how you should approach the workouts.



You get a top class training system, you get a top class delivery method and you will get top class results. However, it's important to keep in mind you'll have to work and be consistent to achieve this.

I often get asked 'How do I get in great shape?'.

The simple answer is 'stick to a good training programme for a year and see where it takes you'.

This is a long term commitment and my goal, my job and my responsibility as a coach is to make you fall in love with the process of self-improvement through training.

But it's a two way'll have to work hard. Trust me though, you'll have everything you need to succeed.


  • Someone who's not a complete beginner but isn't sure what they should be doing.
  • Someone who wants a high quality, intelligently designed training programme. 
  • Someone who puts high value on their health and fitness and sees it as an investment and not an expense.
  • Someone who is willing to work hard consistently to achieve amazing results.
  • Complete beginners. I believe this always needs to be done in person.
  • Anyone who believes in quick fixes.
  • Anyone who is not willing to work hard and be consistent.
  • Time wasters.


You've read about the health benefits, you've read about what you get, you know I'm looking for someone who is willing to commit and work hard.

But what do you really get?

A completely new you.

Audit yourself and ask yourself what makes you feel good.

How much money do you spend on coffee, supplements, clothes or anything else that isn't really changing how you feel and how happy you are with how you look?

Commit to a training programme for a year, invest in yourself and be consistent. This is what a year of solid training gets you.

Feel great and love how you look in your clothes.


Summer time? Be confident in your shorts and t-shirt, at the beach or on that holiday.

Sign up for the 5k, play with your kids, join the tag rubgy team. Whatever you want to do you'll have new found strength and fitness to do it.

Be confident in how you look and feel and proud of your hard work.


Feel fit, strong and ready for anything.

Look and feel good naked (everybody wants to look good naked!).

No aches, no pains, you'll feel strong and resilient, just the way it should be for every adult.

It's boring compared to looking good naked but training plays a huge role in optimal health. Money in the health bank.

I've never met anyone who started training, did it for a year and then thought 'I look and feel terrible!'.

You're not going to want to stop, you're going to look and feel badass.

What are you waiting for?

Along with being a progressive, well designed programme there is tons of variety and your workouts will always be a lot of fun. 

Maybe you've got a holiday coming up. It could be a wedding...maybe you just want to feel good about how you look every day.

Whatever it is I'll get you there...

If you feel like this is the programme for you and you want to know what to do next...




At the bottom of this page there is a link to apply for coaching. Click the link and fill in the questionnaire so I can gather information on what you're looking for and if I think my programme will help you get there.



Once the questionnaire is filled in and I read through everything I'll be in touch within 24 hours to let you know if everything is a good fit. It's important to note that - it needs to be a good fit. I have limited client spaces and do not run a 'quantity driven' model. I run on quality.

To get going we'll organise payment* and once this is done I'll start delivering your workouts.

(*payment is handled via Stripe)



You'll get access to the members area on the website and I'll be in touch with a personalised video on how to get started.

Then it's time to start training!


Is this suitable for home workouts?

Is this suitable for beginners?

What equipment do I need?

Can you facilitate someone with less equipment than is listed.

I have an injury or limitation, can you help?

What is the refund policy?

Got a question that hasn't been answered? Feel free to drop me an email.


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