This is a routine to run through if you are looking to improve you overhead position. I would not label this as a warm-up, it’s more aimed at someone who struggles to press overhead in a good position

The sequence runs as so;

1-2 rounds

1-3 minutes foam roll thoracic spine.

You can see in the video I focus on mid to upper back with small rolls. You can lift one or both arms overhead to try and focus on improving t-spine extension while the arms are actually overhead. You may hear a few small clicks here and there, perfectly normal if there is no pain.

6-10 reps on each side quadruped extension rotation.

In a quadruped position (on all fours) place one hand behind your head. My cue then is to go ‘elbow to elbow, then reach to the ceiling with the bent arm’. Move purposefully through the movement and be careful to limit any movement at all from your lower back.

5-6 seconds active pull barbell opener.

Set the barbell up around stomach height. Line yours hand up on the bar to emulate your overhead pressing grip width. Hinge from the hips until you are set into what feels like your overhead finish position for a press. Pull on the bar for 5-6 seconds focusing on using your upper back and keeping your scaps (shoulder blades) down. Give yourself a few seconds out of the stretch and repeat.

30-60 second active bar hang.

It’s preferable if you don’t jump to hang from the bar. If you check out the video you’ll see I can reach without jumping. I like to use a pullup width grip here and actively hang from the bar. You’ll see the difference between active and passive if you watch the full clip. Active is similar to the barbell opener, focus on using your upper back and keep your scaps down. Grip strength may limit how long you can hang for.

60 seconds each side pec minor release.

This is something that would have helped me a lot when I experienced shoulder impingement. Freeing up pec minor can alleviate shoulder protraction which can occur from lots of horizontal pressing and/or bad posture over long periods of time. This can be tough if you’re tight in the area, but it’s an important piece of the puzzle.