LEAN BODY – 6 Week Nutrition & Training



  • Home gym training
  • Gym goers unsure of what programme to follow + who want to know how to support their goals through proper nutrition


Access to gym equipment – dumbbells, kettlebells, bands. The programme is adjustable for those with or without access to a barbell.

Cardio – For those without access to a piece of cardio equipment running is substituted in instead.

*Please note there is NO video analysis of movements in this programme. This service is only available on 1 to 1 personalised coaching.


The 6 week Strong Body Strong Mind nutrition & training programme is the perfect answer to getting fitter, stronger, and getting a leaner body.

The course is delivered through a combination of downloadable guidelines and workouts delivered straight to your phone via the Truecoach app. You will also have access to a recipe library containing 100s of delicious meal ideas. All the recipes have the ingredients, cooking instructions, calorie & macro totals, and also have a custom barcode which scans the meal directly in to Myfitnesspal.

On purchase there is an immediate download of our introductory PDF available which explains the core information on training and nutrition (instructional videos included).

6 weeks of workouts delivered via Truecoach with full instructions + demo videos.

3 workouts per week + 1 mobility day.

Please allow up to 48 hours for your workouts to be delivered through the TrueCoach App.

Instantly download our training guidelines which gives you an overview of how we will progress over the next 6 weeks, along with some key information about the upcoming training.

Each session is delivered through the TrueCoach app and provides a step by step walkthrough using demonstration videos from the Strong Body Strong Mind movement library. High quality workouts in the palm of your hand.

Instantly download our nutrition guide and take the confusion out of managing your weight. Learn all you need to know to lose weight in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.



Warm-up – 3x Rounds
5/5 QER
6 Rockbacks
6 RDL + Overhead Reach
5 Air Squat + Left/Right Lunge


Section A – 4x Rounds.
A1 A2 A3 are completed consecutively, rest up to 90s between rounds.
A1 – 10 goblet squat
A2 – 8 dumbbell RDL
A3 – 30s flutterkicks


Section B – 3x Rounds.
B1 B2 B3 B4 are completed consecutively, rest up to 90s between rounds.
B1 – 12 dumbbell alternating reverse lunge
B2 – glute bridge
B3 – dumbbell bent over row
B4 – side plank + reach


Conditioning – 5x Rounds.
60s cardio
10 kettlebell swings
12 situps


Cooldown + Stretching
30s each side hamstring stretch
30s each side lying glute stretch
30s heel sit to cobra










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