I remember I sat down before Christmas and had a think about where I wanted to be in the future.

I’m trying to think of a good way to describe it, because it wasn’t a crossroads. A crossroads means you have a path to choose – I knew my path. But things had changed, and I needed to have a long think about where I was going and where I wanted to end up.

I think if anyone sits down and thinks about the future, inevitably there will be an element of doubt to what can be achieved.

I’m not sure if it’s ‘human nature’. Is it natural to feel doubt? Or is it something that is slowly ingrained in our mind once we make our way out of childhood?

I was watching a webinar and the guy running it was answering questions from people. Someone brought up a business opportunity and put it to the host ‘It seems like a really great opportunity but I’m not sure I can go ahead with it’.

Now the guy hosting was an enthusiastic dude, lots of positive vibes the whole way throughout….but when this was put to him, the ‘I’m not sure I can go ahead with it’, he replied with an absolutely deadpan, deathly serious ‘why?’.

The client came back with ‘ehhhh, I’m not sure…it just doesn’t seem…I don’t think…’.

‘Why?’ – deadpan.

They went back and forth for a few ‘whys?’. The host wasn’t having it that this guy had doubts, and the client could not come up with a single good answer as to why he would not pursue the opportunity.

WHY would you doubt yourself? This REALLY, REALLY stuck with me. He simply WOULD NOT entertain the fact that there was an element of doubt for no good reason at all.

People are good at inventing reasons not to do things. That was me.

Removing doubt was the single most liberating thing I have done in recent times.

If you love what you do, you work your ass off, and you do things with integrity – DON’T FUCKING EVER DOUBT YOURSELF.

And don’t let anyone else make you doubt yourself.

Remove all doubt.

I believe in it SO much, I put it on a t-shirt.