I signed up to Philly and Colin’s January Small Group knowing that I needed to change my lifestyle.

I heard about their group from my wife who trains several times a week in TPFA. She spoke to me saying she was concerned about my health as my weight had ballooned over a period of time, when I heard this and had a good look at myself, I knew I had to shape up.

My expectations weren’t that high as I knew in order for this to be a success I would have to work hard in and out of the gym.
Had I got the commitment, the willpower to achieve the results that I wanted? I knew that no one would hand me instant results…I would have to work hard for them.

From the start I realised how professional both coaches were, their attention to detail was scary.
I knew from listening to them at our induction meeting what they expected from me and what they would do to help me reach my goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle, losing weight and also to gain knowledge about nutrition and how important eating properly would be.

I can honestly say from day 1 I was hooked, each session was different, there was nowhere to hide, you had to give 100% and more because that’s what was expected of me and the rest of the group.

I could see results almost straight away, my energy levels increased, I was sleeping better, I was losing weight but eating better than I had done in years.

I wanted more so decided to commit to a second programme as i trusted Philly and Colin and knew I could achieve so much more which I did.

As I write this I have lost close to 12 kilos, my fitness has improved so much, I have lost almost 6 inches off my waist and feel better than I have in many years.

I’m almost 47 and have joined TPFA and am working toward training with the S+C group, that’s my goal and I know I will achieve it.

I recommend this programme to anyone who wants to make so many positive changes in their lives.

I am very grateful to Philly and Colin who have guided me through the last 18 weeks and have literally inspired me to be better and to be ambitious  going forward.  They know me now and what I am capable of.

Thanks guys.