Thank for clicking the link and checking out our small group review.

Both Colin and myself started this in January with a view to providing a detailed, structured training and nutrition platform for 8 people who were looking to make big changes to their lifestyle.

We wanted people who were willing to work incredibly hard. We got them…

It was a huge success.

We ran 5 groups across the year in total, and the results across the board were phenomenal.

We are looking to continue into 2017.

Below is feedback from some of the client’s we were lucky enough to work with.

Read their stories. Ask yourself ‘is this my situation?’. If it is, and you want to make a change – we can help.

The course involves training 3 nights a week over the 8 week period. Training, nutrition, mindset, habit forming – we’ve got you covered across the board.

Once you finish you will have a clear idea of what is needed to implement and achieve your goals moving forward.


Maud trained with us across 3 consecutive programs. Her progress across all aspects has been incredible.

Maud with the October group

Aside from making huge progress in strength and overall fitness, Maud has changed the composition of her body, and has reaped the psychological benefits that come with regular training in a supportive environment.

‘This time last year I wasn’t doing any training at all. Since I started training I feel physically and mentally stronger. It has been a tough year for me in work, if I wasn’t training I think I would have found everything so much harder.

I feel more confident with myself and my body. I feel more confident in my job.’

To be able to have a positive effect on the progress of someone’s career through a structured training and nutrition program…we are both just so happy we can provide the platform for people to better themselves.


Lifting weight has helped Maud change her body, strengthen her resolve and improve her life.

The friendships that are built during these training blocks are worth as much as anything. The beauty of group training is that you are going to meet people who are – like you – committed to making a change.


Both Col and myself agree (and I’m sure all the other group members too) – we don’t know what life would have been like without meeting Maud!

Thank you so much for showing up, kicking ass, and making every day fun.


Elaine signed up in July, again she is someone who we admire hugely as her work ethic was second to none. It always helps when your clients are just really nice people as well!


Elaine with the rest of the crew from July

‘After years of trying every diet under the sun I had resided to the fact that my body was never going to change. I signed up for the small group in July and realised i had been doing it all wrong.

I couldn’t believe the big changes in just 8 weeks. It completely changed my perspective on nutrition and fitness which have stuck with me even after the 8 weeks.

I went on a 2 week holiday to America shortly after, I was dreading standing in the scales when I got back. For the first time ever I hadn’t put on any weight…. and had actually lost more body fat!

The support from the group and from both Philly and Colin was amazing….. always someone to push you on. Great bunch of people!’


Thanks so much Elaine, every single session and just the whole experience of having you as a client was an absolute pleasure. Legend!


Noel, a long time Academy member, joined us in the October group.

Noel and the rest of the October group

‘I had reached a plateau in my progression to reduce weight and body fat. The 8 week course for me was an eye opener, it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

The knowledge and experience that Philly & Colin bring to bear is essential learning no matter your goals, weight loss, weight gain, increased strength or cardio, they have you covered.’

Noel’s dedication to the program has been immense. He is in the process of starting up his own business, so we were delighted to be able to offer something to focus on so he could ‘switch off’ at certain points.

The importance of looking after your health and well-being can’t be overstated, especially for people with high pressure jobs.

Thank you Noel.

Nicola joined us earlier in the year for one single run through of the 8 week program. She stuck to things perfectly, and in doing so made some AMAZING progress.

Nicola and the rest of the ladies from the July group. An amazing bunch of people.

‘I’m the cliche.

Post-second baby, feeling tired, need to shift the baby weight and have little or no time! I signed up and it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Some days were tougher than others but ultimately with the lad’s guidance, the group dynamic, and pumping iron a few times a week resulted in me losing over a stone in 8 weeks. RESULT!’

Thank you Nicola, there was never a dull moment when you were here 🙂  We look forward to seeing you back in the gym soon.


Melissa took part in our last 2 eight week programs, and as you’ll see she has made some incredible progress

Melissa also took part in July. Lots of happy people!

‘I had got to the stage where I was really struggling with losing the weight I had
slowly gained over about 9 years and was losing all motivation to keep trying.

A little part of me had given up and resigned myself to believe I had done all I could and this was the weight I was going to stay at!

This year I took the plunge and joined the small group personal training with Philly and Colin and it’s safe to say it has made a huge positive impact on my life.

I feel much better and happier in myself and have loads of energy now, it is so much easier to get out of bed. I have learned how to eat good food and still have an odd treat without undoing all my hard work. I have made new friends and it is great to have the support of the group as we all have bad days and struggle with temptation.

I would highly recommend this small group course to any one who is struggling and needs some help …it has definitely helped me get my sparkle back!

Thank you Melissa!


Ursula has been with us for 3 groups, and this hard work and persistence has paid off.

Ursula has made incredible progress across multiple groups

‘I am walking away a different person, I am a lot fitter and leaner and, I have developed habits that will enable my progression and help to maintain my weight in the future.  I have learned the practical application of setting a goal and breaking it down into action. 

My mindset is confident in the knowing that I have the tools now to move forward myself.

I’ve met a fabulous group of people, the group environment is so supportive and we encouraged each along the way.

I’ve  re-discovered a belief in myself that has been missing for over ten years.  My confidence and passion is sky high for the future.

Philly & Colin, Thank you both for your time and commitment. Your program has helped in me in every area of my life.’


Thank you Ursula, you are amazing!! An inspiration to everyone…

Joe took part in our July group.

‘I joined the group to lose weight. I was the heaviest I had ever been and always struggled with my weight.I was tired all the time, eating a lot of crap food and even though I was working out, I was not seeing the benefits because of all the bad habits.

I needed help to identify the problem areas and some techniques to correct them. The program was all about the fundamentals of personal health.

I used to think about diet independently of exercise. The program has taught me how I need to use nutrition to fuel my body for an active day.

Is it for everyone? Hell ya!

My goal was weight loss but if anyone is serious about their health and want to learn more about how to manage their diet and fitness, this program is for them. I lost close to 12kg in 10 weeks. But more importantly I have more energy, feel better about food and I know when I am falling out of routine.

Thanks to the support of the trainers, the small groups and the other Academy members.’

Thank you Joe, it was a pleasure to have you on board in July.


Craig joined us for the October group. He had a slight injury coming in to the program, but we reassured him this was something we were comfortable with dealing with.

We both knew this was something that was made for Craig. He achieved some amazing results…strength gain, weight/fat loss and incredible progress on his rowing retest.

Craig and some of the October group

‘Coming from the mindset of needing to train 6 or 7 hours a week to get where I am now from just 3 hours a week with the odd extra class thrown in (which was out of a enjoyment and not because I felt I had to) is a massive shift mentally for me.

I have been carrying a lower back injury throughout the last 8 weeks, which during my first session in October made me feel like I was about to waste my time and money on this program.

Based on this fact alone I have to single Philly out for particular praise as for every movement I couldn’t do you gave me an alternative on the spot which clearly did not effect my progress.

This is a testament to you Philly and your ability as a coach. A1 brother.

I found both the support and knowledge of you both as well as the support from my fellow group members to be the biggest factor in my success. I feel like the accountability as well as the ability to lean on others in the same mindset as myself made the difference as opposed to going on this journey alone which I have done so countless times in the past only to eventually rebound.

I have also come to realise that I thoroughly enjoy walking which before now I wouldn’t have considered fun or as exercise as it seems too easy and simple to be of any use…..obviously I was wrong!

I now look forward to the summer to get out as much as possible and experience as much of this beautiful country as I can.

Overall, the last 8 weeks has seen a huge mental shift in myself in relation to fitness and nutrition which will stick with me forever. This in itself was worth the admission fee!

P.S. I am determined I will smash that 7.02 2km row of yours Philly!!’

Craig you are an absolute legend, we both look forward to having you back on board in January for some more incredible progress! (Just go easy on the rowing, you’re making me look bad!)

Next up is Mairead who also joined us across multiple groups.

Mairead looking great on the final day of her first group

‘I had been doing loads of different classes which were not giving me the results I wanted. With Philly and Colin’s help & programme (which does involve a lot of hard work & fun) I’ve seen my body shape change and I’m now so much more confident in myself & my ability thanks to them.

I now know what to eat and do. There is so much information out there but I completely trust the guys and only listen to them.  I would highly recommend the program, it will open your eyes.’

Thanks so much Mairead, we look forward to seeing you on the gym floor soon!


There has been amazing results across the board in terms of weight loss, fat loss, strength/increased performance and mindset, but the thing that we are both most proud are the bonds that have been formed between the group members.



If you’re looking to make a change in 2017, this is THE opportunity for you.

Get in touch today for more details.