Before joining Philly and Colin’s Small Group in March I was on the very slippery slope of gaining weight and living an unhealthy life style.

Over the years I had joined some of the usual slimming clubs and lost a few pounds here and there but always put the weight back on, as I now know this was because I was not educated enough on nutrition and the do’s and don’ts.

I have also been a member of a few different gyms in the area and I can tell you The Performance and Fitness Academy is nothing like a gym it’s in a different league all together, a million times better!!!

When I signed up for this course I never imagined how much it would change my life in every way. I now have a genuine understanding about nutrition and how to make the right food choices that suit me, I also have a positive outlook on exercise ( I get so excited about going training and leave each class feeling on top of the world )

Colin and Philly leave no stone unturned, they are two very genuine coaches and really do care a lot about your journey to success, support and guidance is always to hand 24/7.

I could not have imagined before signing up how much this 8 weeks has changed me in so many ways from losing weight, losing inches, getting fit, understanding the right food I need to fuel by body, and most importantly its has fixed my head and how I function on a daily basis.

For example, before I would have had a take away once, if not twice a week. I no longer have the desire to eat fast food as the meals I am now eating are so satisfying the craving is no longer there. I no longer feel bloated after eating then half an hour later looking for more junk food! I have bundles more energy than I ever had, I’m walking and cycling on on non training days keep me moving 7 days a week. 

I could talk forever and a day but to wrap this up, taking this step has been the absolute best decision I have ever made for myself.

I have been given the tools and education to continue this journey for the rest of my life. I cannot thank the lads enough for all they have done and all the support they given me and look forward to training with them both in the future.


Where do I start with my feedback??  The benefits for me are invaluable at this early stage.  I can’t actually say enough positive things about the structure that you and Colin have developed.  So much so, I’ve signed up for the next 8 week cohort!

I was quickly becoming very stiff and quite immobile.  While some of this may be due to age and excess weight, I believe most of it is attributed to lack of movement.  Physically, I have gone from somebody who moved when necessary and any movement was accompanied by a great deal of pain and discomfort, to somebody who enjoys actually moving!!

I have realised that with adjustments to my lifestyle, life is getting so much easier. 

Moving through your day with great difficulty not only encourages you to minimise movement but seriously affects mental health.  When I signed for the programme, I was very down and increasingly isolating myself from interacting with others.

This small group has given me a new lease of life!  I mean that seriously.  I am quickly becoming a different person.  I’m sleeping better, eating better, not drinking alcohol (most of the time!) and have quit my 1.5 litre/day coca cola habit.  I have no interest in eating sweets or processed food any more.

Being part of this group and the initial introduction has taught me how to fuel my body better….I even look forward to my morning porridge.  Most importantly, I am moving from absolutely hating my body and myself for what I have done to it…to being so proud of myself for what I’m doing for my body now and SO proud of my body for how much better it is becoming.  I don’t just mean aesthetically but more in my ability to row and take part in cardio stuff without the panic rising because I can’t actually breathe.

While all of the above is real and vitally important, one of the most important aspects of the small group that you and Colin run is the support.  For me, that is what makes your programme so different from any other.  So many other people take your money on the promise that they’re going to ‘change your life’.  I found that you and Colin are confident in your approach and are very clear about expectations and possible outcomes from the get go.

As you know, I am a massive supporter of the Performance and Fitness Academy anyway and I feel the supportive atmosphere is what sets it apart from other similar facilities.  H

Working out 3 times a week with the same people is incredible.  It helps that the group were so great as people anyway but encouraging each other has been SO motivating.  On days when I really didn’t feel like training, knowing that everyone else was going to be there spurred me on as I didn’t want to be left out!  The constant encouragement and relentless commitment from you and Colin helped me to realise that I could do it.

Despite being the oldest female I was equally as much part of the group as anyone.

I honestly couldn’t recommend the small group enough to anybody that is interested in doing it.  It’s worth every penny! (and that’s coming from a student!)


I’m going to try and give a true and honest opinion of my experience. I’ll try keep it short and to the point. I am a young male who has an active lifestyle and fitness is a big part of it. I train 3 times a week in circuit training and try to get a cycle or run every day I’m not in the gym so in essence every day I would be active.

The reason I joined the group was to try and get fitter/ stronger and leaner as I felt I hit a flat point where I couldn’t seem to get any more gains no matter how hard I trained.

When I first had a meeting with the group I was a little apprehensive as the trainers were fairly straightforward/ simplistic in their way they described how nutrition works. I didn’t know anything much about nutrition and macros but I have read/ heard of different ways the body processes food and the lads had a far different approach.

They made it very straight forward and simple which I honestly thought it couldn’t be that simple.

The first week of training and I’ll be honest, I felt disappointed. I was used to having my heart rate maxed out and I found the training easy.

Mid-week I said it to one of the trainers as I wanted to get the best results, he said ‘don’t worry it’s only the beginning’. The session that week was still easy until the following week where my disappointment soon went.

In the full year I had of training, I never felt as great or looked as well until a few weeks into the small group. I have learned so much about nutrition and exercise, but most importantly I have learned how to have a mixed diet, as in I can have a true balanced diet and have the know how to sustain it.

If your thinking of joining the group I highly recommend it once you know what you’re in for.

If you think it’s easy or that your going to be completely transformed in a short space of time, save your money and don’t go. BUT if you listen and do exactly what the trainers say you will NOT be disappointed.

It’s as simple as this, the more effort you put into it the more results you’ll get out of it..

It has been a very enjoyable and overall a life changing experience.

If you are interested in jumping on board drop me a mail at