“The first step is always the hardest and I admit I was terrified going into my first fitness session. The terror dissipated as fifteen minutes in and we were swapping words of encouragement. As the weeks progressed, we got to know each other and the fitness sessions were great fun and tough at the same time.
I can honestly testify to the fact that Philly and Colin’s expertise and supportive words together with the group dynamic were key to my commitment and my success. The group environment was one key factor that focused me on days when I felt lazy – we could moan about the bikes together, but we encouraged each other and built up a great repartee online.
The second key factor was the daily feedback from the coaches, the roll call for the sessions and the postings on nutrition and health which all put together provided not only motivation but inspiration.
Two weeks on from the end of the programme and I am still making conscious healthy food decisions and attending the regular Academy gym sessions and I have lost a further 2 kilos.
For me balance, coordination, feeling strong and regaining my fitness were equally as important as the weight loss and the genius of the programme is that you do not realise how strong and fit you are becoming, until suddenly you don’t bat an eyelid when you can deadlift 20kg on the barbell. Now that’s positive change!
This small group has equipped me with key knowledge about food, fitness and health, but more importantly the encouragement and the example shown by Philly and Colin boosted my mental as well as my physical strength.
I would highly recommend signing on to anyone willing and ready to commit to positive change!”


“This has not just helped me on my weight loss journey but my physical fitness and strength has improved greatly.

Going into the small group I was expecting the “norm” loose a chunk of weight on the first week and then just not lose anything or worse gain more weight. The guys give you great insight into nutrition and how to manage your daily intake that works best for you and will give you lasting results.

The small group programme is a investment in your health & fitness , there is no better programme out there! The knowledge I have gained will stay with me forever.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, so much so, I have signed up to do strength and conditioning classes (first one last night).

Your approach and knowledge of fitness and nutrition are excellent, and has dispelled many of the myths that I have been bombarded with over the years. I feel now that I have more control over my fitness, general health and well-being, no longer do I have to ‘guess’ what is the best approach.

What I have experienced with you is the best approach!

I feel confident now when I sign up for a marathon or triathlon that I have the base fitness to train and ultimately enjoy the event (and not crash half way through, which has happened few times).

I met a friend from Cork last weekend, and upon seeing the changes that Pearl and I have experienced he is trying to find something similar where he lives.”


“I started the 8 week programme with Colin and Philly as my final attempt to lose weight. I had tried various programmes unsuccessfully beforehand over many years.

The training is suitable for all levels of fitness meant my body got toned and stronger over the course of the 8 weeks and I also felt much fitter than I have in years.

My energy levels have also increased which helps in so many aspects of my life.. e.g. I have a young family and I work in a full time job. Overall the programme has improved my life in lots of ways not just when it comes weight loss which was my original goal.

The benefits you gain set you up on a new journey of improved health and happiness and fitness and the knowledge you gain you bring away with you for life. It’s a very straightforward programme to follow and any weight loss myths I learned over the course of 15 to 20 years were dispelled which moving forward helped me a lot.”