Client Testimonial – Roisin

I remember leaving a Boot Camp class in the Performance and Fitness Academy and feeling deflated. My energy levels were at an all-time low and I was beginning to get dizzy spells in the [...]

Client Testimonial – Caroline

I began training at the Academy nearly 3 years ago. I joined on the advice of the physio who believed it would help with running injuries. He was right and I never looked back. [...]

Client Feedback – Mary

I was in a place where I was training plenty but not losing weight, I knew I was missing a piece to the puzzle. The group talk is so informative and is presented clearly, [...]

Client Feedback – Cliona

I'm glad to have been able to help Cliona in some way, but this girl is just an absolute dream client. She trains hard, sticks to the plan and inspires the rest of the [...]

Client Feedback – Aine

They say a picture paints a thousands words, but I didn't realize how true that was until about 9 months ago. I remember the exact photo, the exact time, and when I looked at [...]

Client Feedback – Lisa

Lisa has been such a brilliant addition to the Facebook group ever since she attended my nutrition talk in January. Her own progress has been amazing, but she helps everyone else a ton with her always positive [...]

Client Feedback – Alan

Alan was a member of the January 8 week small group run by Colin Dempsey PT and myself. When we re-tested at the end of the block he had dropped 5.6 kilos, inches off [...]

Client Feedback – Aoife

When I heard that Phil was starting a nutrition group, I knew that I wanted to sign up for it. I knew I needed help with my nutrition as I was working out 5 [...]

Client Feedback – Sharon

Hey folks, I'm going to share more feedback with you today from long time 1 to 1 client Sharon. I'm lucky to have some dedicated clients who are willing to work extremely hard on [...]

Client Feedback – Anthony

Anthony – long-time PT client and avid golfer. Rock solid consistency over a long period of time has resulted in some serious results on and off the golf course. I am 20 yards longer [...]

Client Feedback – Martina

This is me Christmas 2015 (left), September 2016 on holiday (middle), and Christmas Day this year (right). I didn't even realise how overweight I looked. I was training in another gym 4 days a [...]

Client Feedback – Fiona

Any positive feedback I get is a reflection of the individual's hard work themselves. I can't force anybody to take action, I provide the information and then it's up to them. It's always the [...]

Client Feedback – Sue

Sue is long-time member of the Academy and trained with us throughout the pregnancy of her first child, the beautiful Milly who arrived just over a year ago. She returned when ready, easing her [...]

Client Feedback – Louise

Another client who trained with us at the Academy throughout her pregnancy. The first thing you should know about Louise is her work ethic is absolutely incredible. The girl is a dream to coach [...]

Client Feedback – James

In short - James was looking to drop some weight, specifically body fat BUT at the same time be able to perform in his gym sessions. He's a badass who always gives 100% in [...]

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