Here is a run through of a typical training day from the Strong Body Strong Mind online programme.

You can see we always begin with a session specific warm up which will get you ready for the work ahead, but it will also work on keeping you feeling loose, pain free and not 'tight'. The whole warm up is done continuously with no rest.

Our first section is section A, and our main lift for the day will be exercise A1. It is almost always paired with something (or a triplet) e.g. A1 A2 A3. When you see a sequence like that it means all the movements are done one after another and then the rest is taken once A3 is finished. Make sure you don't rush this section, focus on doing the movements well and using weights with are challenging (how we make progress).

Section B is next and can be anything from 2-4 movements which again are done all in a row. The rest is taken after that last movement is done. In this case you do B1 and B2, then rest. As always, make the lifting a challenge.

Section C will be a similar section to section B - several movements done in sequence (there many not always be a section C). Focus on good technique, do the movements, take rest.

The final part of our workout is conditioning. This is what we commonly know as cardio, but there can be low risk movements added in as well. There are many different formats here and the section itself can last from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes + depending on the day. If it is long this will be at the expense of earlier sections, we always want our full session to last 60 minutes tops (you may run a few minutes over the odd time).

The conditioning piece may have it's own small warm up. Enjoy this part of the workout, it's where I most feel alive!

Finally, you will always have a couple of minutes to stretch/cool down. I highly recommend you do not skip this. It will help prevent soreness the next day and also gives you the opportunity to get your heart rate back down before you leave the gym. Too many people rush out without trying to kick start their recovery.

Check out the videos below to see me working through a typical session. You will do sessions which look slightly different, but the important principle here is that if something is labelled with a letter and then numbers e.g. A1 A2 A3 A4, it means all of the movements are done one after another without stopping. After A4 is finished then you take rest.

Any questions let me know. I hope you enjoy the training.

Warm Up

Section A

Section B

Section C


Stretching/Cool down