I’m sure people wonder what exactly it is that I do, and I do asked from time to time. I tried my best to come up with a brief, clear answer. Here goes…

What exactly it is I do.

‘Hey, you’re on a bike. That’s not nutrition’.

Bear with me ‘til the end, it’ll make sense!

This is a really valid question as I’m sure plenty of people wonder what exactly it is that I do, and what I offer. ‘What’s the difference between you and a dietitian?. Do you have a real job or what’s the craic?’.

Eh yes, yes I do! Let me try and explain.

A dietitian or clinical nutritionist is someone who is fully qualified to treat or manage a nutritional related illness along with all the best guidelines to live well and possibly improve body composition through nutrition.

My role is more preventative.

I work with people generally to improve body composition, but also to highlight ways to do it in a way that promotes long term health as much as possible.

If I describe what a non-communicable disease (NCD) is it’ll make things more clear. NCD’s are diseases that are not passed from person to person, but they generally progress slowly over time are not the result of a single cause. They are complex, they take time to manifest, and you might not necessarily see them coming.

Type 2 diabetes (insulin resistance), cardiovascular disease (heart/blood vessels), osteoporosis (bone degradation), and sarcopenia (muscle wastage) are just some examples.
There are always modifiable and non-modifiable factors at play with NCDs. This means there are some things you can’t change (like your ethnicity or sex), and there are some things that you can try and influence (nutrition, physical activity). The modifiable ones are powerful factors and if you look after them over long periods of time you’re pushing the chances of suffering from a NCD further and further away.

So, what is a nutrition coach?

I view it as someone who educates people on the area of influencing body composition and health in a preventative role. I help you look and feel your best, let’s reach those body composition goals (build muscle, lose fat), but let’s also work on those healthy lifestyle choices to stack the cards in your favour for health too.

More than that, I’ve worked as a coach for 8 years so I’m also very passionate about the area of training (lifting weights/conditioning).

Now the bike bit makes more sense, right?

Resistance training, physical activity, nutrition, good lifestyle choices – these things are all huge factors in living well and I love working with people determined to make positive change.

The key is making it all accessible and enjoyable for the people I work with.

This is what I do, I love my job.

I hope this helps 😊