The 2 Important A’s – Accountability & Adherence.

Sticking to things consistently over time will be the biggest factor in you reaching your goal.

Fat loss and changing body composition takes time and you constantly ticking the right boxes every day.

If you want to adhere to the plan you need to be accountable to someone. You are accountable to yourself because you have paid to be on this course, you are accountable to me because I look to work with people who are highly driven and don’t need to be dragged along, and finally you are accountable to your peers in the group.

The Facebook group is a big part of the success of the course. You are in an environment where every other person wants to achieve a goal through changing their lifestyle. You’ll find that your friends, work colleagues and even your family will probably not share the same enthusiasm for such things.

There’s a quote from ‘Ever Seen A Fat Fox?’ by Mike Gibney which always stuck with me. The book is an exploration of human obesity. You may not be obese, but what follows is the attitude and mindset that can send people on the path.

‘According to Professor Paul Dolan there are two ways to maintain happiness once one has gained weight. The first is to lose weight. That will return you to normal and make you happy.

The second is to adopt the ‘so what?’ attitude. Dieting comes with a relentless day-in, day-out mental effort that we can see all around us and largely leads to a temporary loss of weight after that holiday or wedding or whatever seemed a good reason to lose weight at the time.

Why not just live with your obesity and devote that mental effort to more productive drivers of happiness be it work or golf or gardening or the church or whatever. All of Professor Dolan’s research shows it is the second option that will dominate. Everyone around them is overweight so what’s the issue?

Health is not a problem now but job security, love life, ageing parents, income, children, neighbours are all deserving of more immediate attention.’

Your social environment might not support the actions you need to take to hit your goals. Most people these days exist in the ‘gratification now’ mindset.

You can fit things in to your habitual diet (within reason) but you’ll need to be strong willed when making decisions, especially when other people might not understand the path you’re on.

The group is a constant source of positive feedback for you and by posting every day you will get where you want to be. Along with that I’ll be posting content as we go so it is this constant reinforcement of what needs to be done.

What To Post.

Filling in your Excel sheet was previously covered, this is something to help keep track of data over time and to help keep you accountable to me and to yourself.

Posting in the group will keep you accountable to peers and help everyone else around you. It’s also great for food ideas, seeing where people went on walks, hearing about books or shows someone may have gone to, and basically just seeing that we are all human and trying our best.

If you’ve had a bad day put it up, you’ll get the support and encouragement you need. Tomorrow is a new day to get back on track.

It’s important to know that if you start stringing bad days together and are constantly putting this up it’s clear you are not in the right place at this moment in time to make the necessary changes. Reach out and contact me and we’ll find a solution.

You can post any combination of the following (but there is no obligation whatsoever).

  1. Your steps (activity)
  2. Sleep (very important)
  3. Food (meal ideas + accountability)
  4. Miscellaneous (a quote, your dog – WE LOVE DOGS, a book, a hike, training, a funny meme – WE LOVE MEMES)

You can post the pictures individually or use an app such as Pic Collage to organise them.

Along with the pictures let us know how your day went, you may have faced struggles or tough decisions and that’s cool – everybody does. Aside from that I’m here to support you so if you’ve got any questions on anything pop them up.

If I can’t answer it I will seek out the answer and a lot of the time another group member will be able to help.

What I’m not looking for is anything to do with politics, religion, any discussion on a referendum that may be on – this is the wrong forum for it. If someone brings up something that doesn’t fit I will let them know, if they persist they will be removed from the group.

If you need to ask a question and don’t want to post it in the group drop me a line at

Here are some examples of what I’m looking for;