Thanks for checking out the workouts, these can be done with minimal equipment. Bands and a dumbbell or kettlebell would be great. If you need anything changed or help understanding the format or anything drop me a line.

I really hope you enjoy them. Remember, every time you do a session you are solidifying a healthy, happy life for yourself right now and for your future self.



It's important to work through a warm-up properly to prepare you for the session to come. It'll get your heart rate up, get your joints ready for work and it'll also help groove movements which are coming in the main piece.


4x 1 walkout + 10 wrist rocks

10 Air squat

10 Banded RDL

15 Jumping jacks


In workout 4 we forego a strength piece and make this full session a conditioning workout. You're going to get an incredible amount of good work done in a really enjoyable way here, it'll be a sweater! The important thing here is learning how to pace things properly.  With conditioning the longer the duration the more you have to manage your pace and not burn out too quickly. Not everything is a sprint.


10 Goblet squats

10 Bear crawl position pull through

15 KB swings

20 Mountain climbers (keep them slow, controlled)

10 Prisoner lunge

8/8 Weighted same side dead bug

90s Cardio (row, bike, skip, lengths)

Repeat the above sequence for 30 minutes. Don't rush, aim for getting the movements done with excellent technique all through this block of time. There is no prescribed rest, you may need to stop for a drink or to catch your breath at some stage which is fine. What you're looking to do is work at a walking pace. 

A way I like to approach something like this complete a round and then take a quick drink if I need it. It helps the time pass and keeps you focused on each round and doing it well.


Once the 30 minute block is done take a minute or two to focus on breathing deeply and getting your heart rate back down. We'll kick start the recovery process then by doing a short piece of stretching and continue to focus on breathing while you work through it.

45s Sit and each stretch

30s Lying hamstring stretch each side

30s Lying glute stretch each side

Workout 4 is done, well done! I hope you enjoyed it. If you've got any questions about this or any of the 4 workouts let me know.




Let's get started with a nice warm-up to prepare the body properly for the work to comes.


8/8 side lying windmill

10 bird dog

6/6 Knee hug plus reverse lunge

10 Banded RDL

6 Small bear crawl steps


Once your warm-up is done let's get going.

The strength piece consists of 5 movements done back to back. Don't rush - you're looking for technical excellence here. If you're unsure of anything feel free to record yourself doing the movement and send it on to me, I'd be happy to see how you're getting on and if anything needs to be altered.

4-5x ROUNDS.

8/8 Bulgarian split squat

10 Dumbbell RDL (if you have no weights go again with the band, aim for 15)

5 Plated 6-way 

10 Bear crawl position pull through

8/8 Side plank with reach

Aim for 4-5 rounds depending on how you're feeling and how much time you've got. Once a round is done take a minute to recover and then go again.

The split squats are tough, take your time on them as the setup can be a bit wobbly in round 1 but you'll soon find your balance.

If you don't have weights on the dumbbell RDL then use the band again but aim for higher reps.

The plated 6-way will torch your shoulders. DON'T rush through these and keep the weight very light (2-6 kilos). This is going to make the bear crawl pull through tougher on you shoulders but that's by design.

On the pull through use a kettlebell, dumbbell, or household object.

The side plank with reach can be with the same weight you used for the 6-way. Watch the video closely on these, your torso rotates so make sure it's more than just your arm that moves.


Take a couple of minutes if you need it and then let's move on.

For conditioning you'll need a timer. I recommend downloading a tabata timer on your phone as it'll help a lot here. If you're at home you may be able to see the clock so that's grand! I want you to do 4-6 rounds of the following. All the movements are done back to back. 30 seconds of good air squats - don't rush! Then go straight in to 30 seconds of walkouts and keep going through 30 seconds of all the movements until you get the 30 second hollow done.

Rest for 30 then move straight back in to round 2. Enjoy!

4-6x ROUNDS.

30s Air squats

30s Walkouts

30s Shoulder taps

30s Cardio (run, row, skip, bike, jumping jacks)

30s hollow hold

30s REST


After the work is done it's important to kick start your recovery and get that heart rate down. Focus on your breathing here as you work through the stretches. If you feel like your heart is still up run through it a second time.

45s Sit and each stretch

30s Lying hamstring stretch each side

30s Lying glute stretch each side

Workout 3 is finito, well done! If you've done #1 and #2 you are getting some amazing work in. If you've got any feedback or questions drop me a line, and if you feel like tagging me on social media when you do it please do.




Let's aim for 3 rounds here of our warm-up. Take your time, focus on the technique of everything  and get properly prepared for the work ahead. Do all the movements one after another, go straight through all 3 rounds with no rest (you won't need any).


6 cat camel spine mobilisation

6/6 QER

8 reverse lunge plus on each side. Do all one side first then the other.

6 RDL + overhead reach. Use any household object if you don't have weights.

10 wrist rocks.


The strength piece is up first. Here you are going to do all 5 of these movements one after another with no rest. Don't rush, it's important everything is done correctly so don't try to work through this like it's a circuit class. Take your time, focus on technique and really feel the movement.

4-5x ROUNDS.

10 Dumbbell split squats on each leg.

10 Dumbbell RDL.

4-6 Top down pushups.

15-20 seconds RKC plank.

10 side plank plus reach on each side.

Do 4-5 rounds of the above, whatever you've got time for. You'll see there's a range of reps you can do on some of the movements. If a movement is tough there is no point in doing reps that are messy or sloppy. If you find on reps 5 and 6 of the top down pushups you can't hold yourself up properly at all then just do 4.

Doing 4 good reps each time will easily help you build up to 5 and 6. Also, having to do bad reps of a movement will make you dislike it pretty quickly so it's important to only do what you can. You'll build and get better this way, trust me!

Once you've got a round done (all 5 movements back to back) take 60 seconds rest then go again (take longer if you need it!). You should need some rest otherwise you haven't challenged yourself enough.

On the dumbbell RDL - get creative here and use any household object with weight if you don't have dumbbells or a kettlebell. If you're doing it outdoors and don't have anything go through the movement anyway with no weight, you should still feel your hamstrings doing the work and it's a good way to properly feel and groove a good hip hinge.


Now we move on to the conditioning piece, this will be tough so don't sprint out of the blocks too quickly! There is no prescribed rest, try and pace this that you can keep moving for 10 minutes and not really stop. If you feel like you need rest think about walking the lengths...just try to keep moving.


Mark out your 10 metre lengths.

In 10 minutes get as many rounds as possible.

1 round = 6 lengths + 6 walkouts + 20 mountain climbers.


Once you finish up it's important to get your heart rate down and kick start the recovery process. It's really important not to skip this. The 90 90 recovery breathing is something you can spend longer at if you need to and remember it for the future. Any time you need to get your heart rate down or relax it can be a 'go to'.

120 seconds 90 90 recovery breathing.

45 seconds each side lying hamstring stretch.

45 seconds each side lying glute stretch.

Workout 2 is done, well done! Let me know how it went. If you've got any questions on the movements feel free to drop me a line.




For the warm-up we'll go for 10 minutes and work through the following at an easy pace. Keep repeating until 10 minutes is up.


30 seconds of cardio (bike, row, ski, skip, jog, jumping jacks)

8 Air squat.

12 Mountain climbers.

8/8 Banded leg lower (use a towel if you've no bands).


The main piece will consist of an ascending ladder from 1 all the way up to 10. The goal here is not to rush, but to do everything really well. There is no prescribed rest, just take it as you need it. This whole session is 'leg heavy', lots of lunges and squats. If you find it's too much only work up to 7 or 8 instead of 10.


1 and 1 quarter squat.


Reverse lunge plus (all on one side, then repeat on the other).

Shoulder taps (double each round - 2,4,6 etc.).

Dead bug extensions.

Do 1 of all the movements, then do 2 of everything in sequence, then do 3 etc. until you do 10 of everything.


The strength piece will probably have felt like cardio! It's that type of layout. Here we'll move on to what is our cardio. It is down as 4 rounds in total, but you can do anything between 1 and 4. Do whatever suits.


3 minutes on, 1 minute rest.

In the 3 minute block do;

10 prisoner lunge + 15 situps, 10 prisoner lunge + 15 situps then cardio in the remaining time of the 3 minute block. Run, row, bike, ski, skip, cross trainer, run 10 metre lengths...whatever you can manage. Mix it up each round if you want.

1 minute rest is not a lot of recovery time, if you find it difficult either do less rounds or add on more rest time.


Once you finish up it's important to get your heart rate down and kick start the recovery process. This is both done by doing some ground work stretching.

45 seconds each side lying hamstring stretch.

45 seconds each side lying glute stretch.

30 seconds sit and reach stretch.

Congrats, you made it! Let me know how you got on. If you've got any questions about a movement or the layout let me know.


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