Hi and welcome to the Strong Body Strong mind 14 day kickstart. I'm delighted to have you on board and I really hope you enjoy the content.

Here is the layout of the 14 days and how things will work. 

As you can see you will receive an email in the a.m. daily, with each one covering a different topic. It's all training, nutrition, and habit related. All the key aspects you need to focus on to feel and look your best. Pain free, energised and with clarity of thought.

I know that some of you may want to get cracking in to some workouts so here you go.

We'll take a closer look at what way we train and why later in the week.

As we move along I'll also look for you to complete some tasks. If you want to get the most from this it's important that you follow through and get stuck in.

Have a look at the image below. It's a great visual representation of what's going to happen here, or with any course or programme. Certain people will take more or less value from something. There are going to be a few factors behind this, but effort definitely is a major one.

The more effort you put in the more likely you are to take the most value from something.

It's a great concept to keep in mind for many other things in life.


Your first task is to download a tracking sheet to keep tabs of what you need to do over the 14 days.

This tracking sheet is a simpler version of the one I use with my coaching members. Accountability tools like this are a valuable part of staying on track and making the daily decisions which bring progress.

You will be able to type 'yes' or 'no' in the fields for Email read and Workout completed. When a task is complete it earns a green box. In the Sleep field you type the number of hours sleep you had the night before. Between 6 and 8 will show up in green text, outside of that will be red. In the Step count field you can monitor your steps, with a target being between 7.5 - 10,000 daily.

There is a short field to keep track of any questions you may want to ask on a particular topic. Jot them down in case you forget.

Download your 14 day tracking sheet by clicking on the link below.


Tomorrow we're going to look at how you can eat food you love while still reaching your goals and promoting healthy living (it's easier than you think). You'll be able to take this knowledge with you on into the future and begin to enjoy food more, and not fall for any spoofery which we see all too much on social media.

Thanks again for signing up, I really hope you enjoy the 14 days.

Chat soon,