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Strong Body Strong Mind

Premium Nutrition And Exercise Coaching

The Strong Body Strong Mind Coaching Programme.

Are you 35 years old or older, training at home or in a gym, and stuck wondering what you should be doing?

Do you suffer from low energy, low confidence, and are unhappy with how you look

I've been there! 

Before I started my career in fitness, I was unhappy with how I looked. Any night out or occasion always made me feel anxious and uneasy.

When I started training and got my food on track this started to change. I saw my body slowly change over time, I felt energised, and I started to become more confident in myself.

Nowadays, I can walk into any room happy with how I look in a t-shirt and shorts, or on any night out.

The key to unlocking a happier, healthier, energised you, is regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The only regret I have when I started out is that I didn't know what I know now.

I've spent years working through different training programmes, coaching 1000s of people, and studying nutrition.

The end result is my online training coaching programme. This is built to take all the stress and confusion out of nutrition and training. 

You'll get everything you need delivered in to your hand, plus you'll have coaching support from someone who has over 10 years of experience, and who has been exactly where you are now.

Join any time, month to month, cancel any time, no contract.


Struggle with niggles, pain and low energy? I've distilled years of year experience coaching 1000s of people in to a training programme which will get you stronger, feeling more mobile, free from pain, and more energised.


It's human nature to veer off track if you're not being monitored. I'm here to provide you with the long term structure you need to succeed. You won't have to worry about what training to do, and I'll be waiting for you to check-in via email every week. Stay on track, get results.


You'll receive your workouts on Monday morning (4 per week) and you're free to pick times and days to get them done. You are not tied down to being in the gym at a set hour. Flexible training, outstanding results.


Need help building muscle or losing fat? Want to understand what a healthy diet consists of? Interested in nutrition to help aid your performance and add to your long term health? A full nutrition plan with access to 100s of healthy, tasty recipes is also included.


All the exercises you are given have full video demos of your coach doing the movements and explaining the main points to focus on.  Need feedback? You can record yourself doing your own exercises and upload it to the app so I can keep an eye on things.


Do you go to the gym but always wonder what you should be doing in your training? Do you have a home gym and struggle to make progress? This is the perfect solution to help you reach your training and body composition goals (it's a huge investment in your health too).


Got a question on anything nutrition, training or lifestyle? You've got full coaching support on the programme. Drop me a mail at any time and I'll be back in touch with the answer to your query.


Last, but not least, training and good nutrition is the key to preventing the effects of ageing. It helps keep you healthy and energised right now, but also in the future. There is no pill that you can buy down the line that provides the benefits of living a healthy life.

Check out some of the fantastic success stories from the Strong Body Strong Mind coaching programme.

Below is a short questionnaire which will help establish how I can help you reach your own specific goals. Once you fill this in I'll be back in touch soon to help you get started.

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