Welcome to the first day of our 14 day kickstart. Let's get started.

A popular goal I get asked about when people come on board my coaching programme is wanting to know what a healthy diet is.

This is great, I love when it comes up. I know how important it is to eat a nutritious diet at all stages of life, but especially as we start push into our 30s, 40s and 50s.

Eating the right food helps us look and feel our best, we can maintain a stable, healthy weight, and along with exercise pushes back against the effects of ageing.

There are many ways you can do this, and I’m going to show some guidelines.

If you’re on social media, you’ll often see ‘the big secret’. Things like a keto diet, or the carnivore diet, or any number of fads which have come and gone across the years.

I’m going to let you in on a secret myself. There are hundreds, if not thousands of universities and institutions across the world who are researching and at the forefront of nutrition science. They lead the way and inform governments and world bodies on what healthy eating really is.

Do you think the guy/girl on Instagram who only eats meat every day actually knows more than the nutritional science department at any major university or institution in the world?

These ‘secret’ style diets are a selling tool designed to separate you from your money. It plays on human emotion, to be ‘in the know’ compared to other people. To feel smarter, to have found some kind of 'hack'.

Don’t fall for it.

The reality is that healthy eating guidelines are quite straightforward and not a sexy sell for social media.

Have a look at the images below and you'll see some fantastic guidelines for healthy eating.  These guidelines are represented in similar ways across the globe.

Nothing is off limits, but you need to know your limit.

The great thing is it gives you so much scope to eat different meals and foods as part of a healthy diet. Sometimes it can be tough to get started though, but I'm here to help you with that.

I have added a download for you below. My High Protein Recipe Pack has 16 very tasty high protein meals for you to try. These recipes support a nutrient dense diet and will help you squeeze as much progress out of your training as possible too.


Download the recipe packs and cook at least one of the meals at some stage over the 14 days.

This task will introduce you to a delicious, healthy meals that you may not have tried before. Even if it is something you’ve had, you’ll get a good understanding of what a portion size is and the energy value (calories). We can eat healthy, tasty food, but understanding where it fits in within a typical day is the bigger piece of the puzzle.

Let me know which one you pick, and I would love it if you mailed me on a picture and feedback of how it turned out.

If you tap or click on the image below it will take you to the download.

That's it for our first main day. You can see you've lots of scope to pick meals and recipes from different food groups, and how much you should be aiming for.

You can eat food you love as part of a healthy diet, it's the quantity of everything you need to learn about and be conscious of.

On my coaching programme we go into more detail about how many calories per day you should be consuming relative to your goals. It's the same with protein, carbohydrate and fat. With this information you can really start to piece together a proper every day meal structure which will send you on a path to your goals (weight loss etc.).

We have recipe library full of hundreds of different meal ideas which 

I'll catch you again tomorrow where we'll look at the one big thing I tell everyone they must do to be healthy and manage their weight.