Here we are on day 4 of 14 where will take a look at training and what is the 'best' way to train.

To answer this question we need to figure out what we are looking to achieve. What do we want from our training?

I train for two main reasons - to be healthy, and to change my body composition (stay lean and fit), and this aligns with the goals of all my coaching members (some may sign up wanting one, but I will explain to them the benefits of both over time).

 The questions we are looking to answer then is 'what is the best way to train to be healthy and to change my body?'.

We've got some fantastic guidelines from the World Health Organisation on what to do for health. You can check out a post I made on this HERE.

The short answer is to do some kind of bone strengthening activity (lift weights) and some kind of aerobic activity (what we call conditioning) several times a week. We also need to avoid sedentary behaviour (day 3 makes even more sense now, right?).

I have touched on just a few of the many, many health benefits of both strength training and conditioning in the images above. The list is long. If you could take all the benefits you get from this type of exercise and put it in a pill it would literally be priceless. Alas, there are no pills, so we get to work.

When it comes to changing our body composition (lean, toned, strong) we know that lifting weights the biggest driver of change. So there we have it - lift weights and do conditioning. This is the best way to train.

If we don't train like this as time passes it's easier to gain weight, lose muscle, and age more quickly. We are also more susceptible to non-communicable diseases (cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease).

It sounds pretty simple, but the big separator between people's progress is sticking to a good plan for a long time. You need coach to put together a workout plan that is going to help you progress over time while keeping you injury free and energised.

This is exactly what I provide to my online coaching members. Remember the workouts you got right back on day 1? My members get 5 sessions every week, with all my coaching knowledge distilled into a fantastic programme to deliver the best results.

You can check the video below to see how the workouts are delivered.


Your task for today is to complete the 3 sample workouts before the end of the 14 days and mark in that you have done this. You can begin to see that staying accountable with your behaviours week to week is where be change is made.

I'll be back tomorrow to explain just how important getting enough sleep is.