When look to change our lifestyle, whether it be training or nutrition, our first thoughts may be 'what exercises should I do?', or 'what food should I eat?'. These are legitimate questions, but what many people fail to realise is that behaviour change is what drives the ability to make change over long periods of time.

Being organised and consistent with your habits is what will keep you sticking to the workouts and trying to make good food choices.

When it comes to progress you need an organised approach and not a chaotic, random approach.

Plan your meals for the coming days. Plan when your workouts are going to be. Leave your workout gear ready. Have you fridge full of the foods you need.

Plan tomorrow (and beyond) today.

Even you don't manage to stick to absolutely everything you have planned out, you are still way ahead of a slapshot approach where you make decisions as you go. It takes time for hard work to pay off here, so set yourself up for success by being organised.

You can see below that my online coaching crew have a tracking sheet which they are encouraged to fill in to stay productive. Not everything has to be perfect, but once you're hitting these goals most of time you are going to make amazing progress with your physique and how you feel.

When it comes to weight loss specifically, this tracking sheet is the absolute key to success. I will set individual goals and then the person follows up by ticking the boxes.

There are parallels to any aspect of life you want to win at. Your physical and mental health should be top of that list, and here you've got one of the main keys.


Your task for the rest of the 14 days is to pencil in training sessions and some of your meals ahead of time on the tracking sheet. Doing this will make things easier to achieve, and easier to stay consistent with over time.

One of my favourite books on behaviour change and habits is Atomic Habits by James Clear. If you haven't already read it I highly recommend picking it up.









TASK - plan ahead for the rest of the 14 days - workouts, sleep, recipe.