Today we look at our last macro, fats. 

We need certain fats in our diet to stay alive, they are essential to life. The tricky thing can be the amount. Because they are so energy dense (lots of calories for relatively small amount of food) we only need them in small amounts.

Whether a food is labelled 'healthy' or 'unhealthy, we need to be conscious of our intake.

Nuts are nutrient dense and can be labelled nutrient dense, but that doesn't mean we should eat bags at a time because they are calorie rich.

Good fats are good, but we only need them in very small amounts.

Where fats can cause a problem is with desserts, cakes, biscuits, fried foods, take away food etc. These foods have poor nutrient value, are high in calories but taste...very nice! Over consumption easily leads to weight gain.

We don't have to completely avoid them, we just need to be aware of how much we consume.

Let's take a look.

Key Points.

Sources Of Fat.

Some fats are incredibly important to good health, so don't fear fats. The nutrient dense sources are an important part of our diet. A prime example here are omega-3 fish oils which play a large role in heart and brain health. You can check out the flash card below for more info.

Salmon is a great source of these fish oils and a rich source of protein. You can jump in to the recipe library and add some amazing salmon or other fish dishes to your diet, or you can choose to supplement instead. The dose recommendations are also listed below.

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