Tired Of Struggling To Manage Your Weight?

Do You Want To Eat Food You Love And Reach Your Goals (Lose Fat & Keep It Off)?


The Fat Loss Forever programme will guide you through the proven way to lose fat and help you keep it off forever

In 6 weeks you'll be on the way to reaching your goals and eating food you love. We'll cover nutrition, behaviour change, and other important factors like some of the social barriers you may run in to while on the road to self development. 

The problem with fat loss programmes is that they are cookie cutter. 'Eat X amount of calories, this meal at 9 a.m., this meal at 6 p.m.', and do this whether it actually suits your lifestyle or not.

Keto, low carb, carnivore. Eat the foods you are told to eat, no compromise.

Approaches like this don't teach and empower you, and they fail to take into account what you want and like.

Diets fail because trying to fit square pegs into round holes doesn't work. 

Fat Loss Forever changes the game and puts you and your needs and likes, first.

You'll easily discover in 6 weeks what you've been searching for for years. 

Let me show how the programme will take you from being bamboozled by all the social media and media nutrition misinformation, to being well informed, empowered, and enabled with making decisions into the future by yourself.

Before we do take a look I want to let you know that the course covers much more than fat loss.

Health, muscle gain, gaining weight, maintaining your weight, nurturing a positive relationship with food, behaviour and lifestyle change...in 6 weeks time nutrition will be in the palm of your hand.

Fat Loss Forever is a 6 week coaching programme on fat loss and nutrition. If you're looking to build muscle or gain weight this is also just the ticket for you. We'll personalise a plan and you'll be on a fast track to reaching your body goals*. I'll teach you how to effectively implement this by yourself for when the 6 weeks is over.

No guessing, no B.S., just levelling up your nutrition knowledge so can take control of your nutrition long into the future.

*it's important to note there is a certain amount of progress you can make in 6 weeks, but the bigger the goals, the longer things can take. You WILL make some progress in 6 weeks, but it will most likely take longer to fully get where you want to be.

The course is delivered via email and a membership site. You'll have full access to all the material straight away, but it is also drip fed through emails across the 6 weeks in a 'learn as you go' fashion. 


Learn how to implement a proper fat loss phase where you'll drop fat much more quickly than a stop/start approach which happens with cookie cutter plans. There is no quick way to success, but if you've been struggling for years this is your quick win.


Learn that there are no off limit foods. Don't sacrifice food you love for yo-yo dieting and inconsistent results. Eating foods you like = you'll be more likely to stick to a long term, sustainable approach.


Levelling up your nutritional knowledge is one piece of the puzzle. Here you'll also learn how to build winning habits that will positively affect other aspects of your life. Food, exercise, work, relationships.


Discover why sleep and a good sleep routine will boost your results with fat loss, nutrition, learning, and life in general.


One of the BIGGEST struggles with weight loss worldwide is KEEPING WEIGHT OFF once you've done the hard work. Learn how to maintain your new weight long into the future, and plan a further fat loss phase if it's what you want to achieve.


Raise your activity levels, drag stress down, hydrate properly every day - your lifestyle habits need to match your goals and we'll nail these in 6 weeks. You'll feel like a different person, healthier, energised, happier.

Real Results

Check out some of the success from coaching members who I have worked with LONG TERM over the years.

"I registered for a Strong Body Strong Mind nutritional talk about a week before learning I was pregnant. My goal changed within those 7 days from ‘how do I lose weight’  to ‘how best to grow a healthy baby’.

I planned to continue training throughout pregnancy (for me, this was a given) but I was concerned about maintaining a healthy weight. I wanted to stay within the healthy range of weight gain. It was going against everything that was ingrained in me for years, the scales were going to go up, and it was a good thing!

So, I decided to stay in the nutrition group for the 1st trimester, learning the tools, techniques and knowledge that was shared each day and I maintained the same weight throughout my 1st trimester. Considering my level of tiredness and the penchant to eat while tired, this was a significant win! I didn’t feel sick at all and I continued to train as usual.

I decided that I would take a break from the group but still touch base if needed, which I did.

My goal for the next two trimesters was to get a wide range of nutrients from fruit and veg and keep protein levels up. It was also important to me that I kept managed my iron levels in order to avoid taking supplements, which are often advised by doctors in the last trimester. I generally had a spinach (iron) and fruit (vit c) smoothie every day and thankfully didn’t need any iron supplements which have a lot of other side effects.

Philly coached me during pregnancy, my training was well taken care of, everything was scaled back to suit me, I wasn’t afraid of injury or any thoughts of, 'I shouldn’t be doing this'. I trained up to my due date and past it, I was in the gym doing banded pull ups at 10am and 12 hours later I started to get contractions.

I can't emphasise enough how much training helped during pregnancy as well as for recovery. Training kept my mind and body healthy. I had a C-section and had to use upper body strength getting out of bed/off sofa and I recovered so much faster.

 After 6 weeks I returned to training and then started back with the nutritional group about 3 months post-partum. I gained a total of 15kg during pregnancy and I am now down 18kg in weight all thanks to the knowledge, support and accountability offered by the group.

Trying to juggle everything after returning to work, my training really slipped. I started to get lower back pain, so I wanted to get back into a better routine. This has led to Philly now becoming my online coach for both training and nutrition. He designs a training plan for me each week based on the time I have and monitors my technique with video recordings to ensure I'm doing everything correctly. This has worked out perfectly for me as I can go to the gym whenever I have the time in my week.

There is structure to my program, my back pain has subsided, and my techniques have improved already. Even though I was a regular gym goer prior, I have learned a huge amount about form and technique in such a short space of time and I can’t believe the difference it makes.

If you are considering taking action whether it be nutrition and/or training, I highly recommend Strong Body Strong Mind, no matter what stage of life. Like most, I have tried a lot of diets through the years. The course has at last put me on the right path to a healthier, sustainable way of living. It’s the best investment I have made for my own health, as well as my families".

If you're looking to make huge positive change in your life sign up today.

About Me

Hey, it's Philly here.

I've been coaching people in-person and online for the past 10 years. Before that I worked an office job. I decided to take up training in my mid 20s as I didn't feel great about myself either physically or mentally.

I struggled initially as I didn't know what to do, or why. I eventually signed up to a personal training course and took things from there. 

Many, many years later I've arrived at a point where I can help you cut through all the training and nutrition bullshit. It has taken over a decade of learning, refining, and more learning, but everything I know is poured in to this programme.

Aside from a fantastic programme, you're going to have the accountability and support you need to succeed long term.

I look forward to working with you.