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Systemised Gym Nutrition Programming

Provide PREMIUM nutrition coaching to your members. Add HUGE value to your current membership and increase your ability to attract potential clients.

The 'plug and play' nutrition programme that attracts new clients, helps retain your current ones and is easily monetised to instantly earn your investment back (and upskills your staff).

If you run a gym and don't have a nutrition programme you're missing out on adding huge potential to make more revenue. My easily implemented 'plug and play' system can be used in several ways to provide a highly valuable offering to your current members AND potential future members.

It's also a massive opportunity to upskill your staff on nutrition and health, as well as evidence based fat loss and performance protocols.

Run the programme and gather HIGHLY valuable 'before and after photos', and positive feedback, to continuously provide incredible, long term and sustainable results, while positioning yourself as a premium gym. 

Attract clients.

Retain clients.

Upskill staff.

Add massive value to your gym and increase your revenue.

How does it work? Take a look...

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About me

Hey, it's Philly here.

I've been coaching people in-person and online for over 10 years (both nutrition and exercise).

8 of those years were spent working in a large gym facility coaching classes, doing 1 to 1 work, and running the gym's nutrition programme.

I've also got a Master's degree in Nutrition and Health from UCD along with over a decade of working with people.

I know the challenge it can be to provide high quality nutrition support if you haven't got time or the staff with the necessary knowledge.

Let me give you my tried and tested 'plug and play' system which will add massive value to your facility. I'll show you how to easily make your investment back AND turn a profit. 

If you're interested in taking your gym to the highest level of service and easily adding to your revenue drop me your details below.